Monday, May 30, 2011

that 70s cardigan

One of our derby Ref’s - Battle Tank - is expecting his first baby with his partner, and they've been told it's a girl, so naturally the baby has been dubbed Tank Girl by our league!

I've made this little cardigan is for her (and it’s in my team’s colour, of course!) 

I’m using one of my many retro knitting books, from my collection found at op shops and markets.  It’s got eyelet lace around the yoke, cuffs and hem, which I am omitting and using garter stitch instead, trying to modernise the pattern slightly.

I really love a yoked cardigan for a baby; no seams and very easy to get on and off for new mums, but I do not understand eyelet lace on the parts of a garment that little baby fingers need to pass through?

Knitting with older patterns (I simply CANNOT call the 70's "vintage" - I still remember them!) is quite amusing, especially the different techniques for construction you encounter, however I still think some of the best little baby knits come from this era when it comes to practicality and design.


Tara said...

Congratulations to Battle Tank and partner on having a wee babe on the way! I enjoy watching him ref, he does a great job - and really what else would the wee babe be called BUT tankgirl?

Rose Red said...

I think you are right about the impracticality of eyelet lace for babies! Garter much better! Very cute little cardi!

Sue said...

Oh how adorable. My mum has the very same book at home somewhere. Apparently the CWA do not knit baby garments with any lacey patterns and they have to use flat buttons too. The rules have changed and yes lace is not really great for tiny fingers.

Leonie said...

Tank girl is such an awesome name for the babe (and the movie was awesome also). She will be a lovely warm little girl with that gorgeous cardi. Great work!

DrK said...

oh the use of that word vintage for everything that's older than like, yesterday, is so annoying. this is a gorgeous little cardi, and the garter stitch is perfect. welcome to tank girl!