Friday, December 02, 2011

some pretty cool things rockin' my world this week

 cloudlover yarn arrived this week - a Knit Girllls special colourway called "Haunted Vineyard".  It's so pretty!  (cool pretty)

my awesome new chairs (there's two of them), salvaged from the neighbours hard rubbish collection pile - huzzah!  Just need new seat cushions...

 Some more work done on my Sirens tattoo, by my gorgeous teammate - the very cool Inkabelle

My Sirens are playing this weekend against one of our favourite regional leagues - Ballarat Roller Derby League (and we're gonna whop 'em good!)  Come check us out if you're around on Sunday Dec 4th

an mindless garter stitch cowl on 6mm needles(in the round, long enough to loop) has been cast on as car-knitting for the road trip to Ballart.  It's the *perfect* shade of red

My new Wayfakers sunglasses, also the perfect shade of red.  It was love at first sight <3

Hope everyone else has had an equally cool week!


Rose Red said...

Look at you, you rockstar! Love your style!

Leonie said...

You have had a pretty cool week. I'm too much of a wuss to get a tattoo but totally appreciate them on other people. What are you going to make with your yarn?

Anna said...

Hee, hard rubbish collection really is the best! I've scored some amazing stuff.

And wow, your tattoo is looking gorgeous!

Bells said...

i want those red shades! They are fab.

Your ink is looking so huge and bold and wonderful!

DrK said...

oh yes. very cool. im seriously hoping your bouting doesnt leave you with any more breaks either!

2paw said...

Gorgeous red sunnies!! I just love the wool too, it is very vineyardy!!