Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Autumn is upon us already!

Where is 2012 going?

I am knee-deep in hat knitting (head-deep?) at the moment, and I'm loving how quick they are to finish!

I'm averaging one a night, the nights I get to knit.  

I wish I could say that was every night, but the South Sea Roller Derby season is just about to kick off, and things are incredibly busy behind the organisational curtain.

So far I've managed three this week though, which isn't bad I guess.  It's adding to my "baby-knitting" stash box which is awesome!

My fingers are itching to finish some more big projects though, so this long weekend coming I am dedicating myself and hoping to finish my Whisper cardigan. I'm about 60% of the way through so it's incredibly do-able, especially as we have two long car drives scheduled.

Will she do it, I hear you ask??  

stay tuned... 


Rose Red said...

You can do eeeeet!

Cute little hats - go you!

Bells said...

bite sized! So cute.

(knee deep in hats? he he)

Did you finish???