Sunday, April 29, 2012

Charmer baby

Last night I had the honour of stepping out on track again with my derby team, The Cutthroat Charmers, after a 10 month break (pun intended) from life as a bouting skater.  (For those who don't recall, or weren't around back then, I broke my ankle rather spectacularly on an interstate bout-trip with my league; compound fracture of the fibula, with dislocation of the tibia.) 

But more exciting than my comeback was the visit of the first "Charmers" baby on the team bench at half time!

Little Archie is just a few weeks old, and his mum (Battle Barbie) played with us until (in utero) Archie took her off skates, then work took her all the way to Canberra. 

I naturally made him a beanie in Charmers colours - purple and black - and we had a quick cuddle with me all geared up on the team bench!  Perfectly normal for a derby baby, who went to his first bout in Canberra at just 4 days old!

I was his first derby-girl-on-a-bench cuddle though. 
I think I'll remind him of that when he's older :)


Rachael said...

You're back on the skates!! Oh babe, do take care ;) x

kgirl said...

Yep, back on the skates :) Am doing my best to cross-train and stay strong, to reduce chance of injury, but thats as safe as you can get with this game!

kgirl said...
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Rose Red said...

Awww, what a sweetie.

And back on the skates! Woo hoo! (also, love your tights!)

Leonie said...

Goodness you are courageous or just crazy LOL! Fabulous hat and piccies of baby. Good luck for no more disasters for your skating career

kgirl said...

Tights are great, aren't they?! Last minute purchase, but they were perfect :)

kgirl said...

Haha..little from column A, little from column B, Leonie ;)