Saturday, December 22, 2012

December...let's keep on truckin'

It's been a hectic month here, not unlike many other's, I'm sure!  

After the November fire dramas, we backed up for an incredibly busy December, as you do!  I've really not had time to stop and catch my breath, but I feel like the light at the end of the tunnel is upon me...

Due to the recent budget cuts for TAFE, my job has been in limbo for some time,  however I received The Word early in the month that my job (as well as all fixed term contract staff at our TAFE) had not survived the restructure.  Right up until last week there was uncertainty if there was to be any positions available to even apply for, but finally we were all called in for an interview and I managed to secure one of only 5 positions on offer...phew.  

This news naturally meant  a degree of certainty around 2013, and that I don't have to start afresh, again.  I won't be in the same Department as I am now, which is sad as I have grown to love the team over the last two years, and made some great friends.  That said,  I will be working with a new group within the Institute and having met them last week, I'm really looking forward to it.  At least knowing the systems and the general protocol means the transition is not as disruptive as it might have been had I needed to find employment elsewhere.

Before all this though, we had our annual pilgrimage to Meredith Music Festival at the start of the month, where I did a fair bit of what was affectionately dubbed as "Drunk Knitting"!  Having learned from previous years, I took two projects.  One was "knitting" knitting (a triangle shawl) and the other was "drunk" knitting - a project so simple, a few beers or Pink Flamingos would not impede it's theory!

To this end, this is my Meredith beanie.  Generic 8ply red pure wool, from Big W I think?  Dunno, I'm on a stash dive at the moment, and a lot of my stuff is unbanded.  

The pattern is the Slouched Tuva - a basic 4-row pattern, with 3 of those being stocking stitch in the round - how can you go wrong?! (there may have been a few tinking moments on the Tuva...Pink Flamingos get stronger as the afternoon goes on)

"Knitting" knitting didn't even see the light of day, which in hindsight was a very wise move.

Coming back from Meredith, I then had one week left of training before we wound up the derby year.  It was very successful season for the league both internally and externally, including the introduction of a brand new home team!  I have much pride that we have been able to grow the league so much this year that we are in the position of needing another team to accommodate all the amazing bouting skaters we now have onboard.  In addition, all our current teams were reshuffled to spread the experienced skaters across three teams.  My team managed to remain Charmers, which I'm pretty stoked about.

I'll be finishing up as League President at the beginning of next year too, having decided not to run for a third term.  I have thoroughly loved the role, and I still look at what we've achieved in the last three years with a massive sense of awe, but it's a huge job and it's time for me to focus on other areas of derby, particularly my own skating development.  There are so many strong talented women in our league, I know someone will ably take the reins and lead to the next phase.

Then, my girl  finished her first year of high school on a great note, receiving an award for Academic Excellence for her year level at the school awards night this week.  I could not be more proud of this amazing young woman I have been blessed with, having taken to high school like a duck to water, and finding a gorgeous group of friends (all of whom were up on stage collecting their own awards, I might add).  She had a bit of a rough finish to primary school, so to watch her thriving in this learning environment fills my heart with joy.  

Christmas shopping was a low-key event this year, given the uncertainty surrounding my employment.  It proved a welcome relief though, paring things back and purchasing smaller but thoughtful gifts for my closest.  Friends and I made agreements for no gifts, but some home-made yums would be ok.  Books and plants became good choices for quite a few people, as did nice bottles of wine.  Really, it's what it should be anyway, shouldn't it?  Simple but thoughtful?

With all that behind us, Lily and I finally finished work/school on the 20th and collapsed on the couch for a day!

One day off and I start to get restless though, so today after lunch I went looking for a new knitting project; something a bit different, but still quick and gratifying.

To that end, I decided to finally give fair isle a go! and guess what?  It's not as hard as I imagined!!

The yarn is more deep stash - Bendigo 8ply Classic (crepe!) - that I can't remember how long I've had.  4, maybe 5 years??  The main colour is far more teal that this photo shows up, and the contrast is a lovely pale grey.  The pattern is a freebie off Ravelry - Marius hat

This is a great first-time fair isle pattern, in my opinion.  There's only two colours, and the longest strand is 7 stitches, but for the most part they are only 2-3 stitches long which makes achieving tension a bit easier.  

I also tried the technique of holding each yarn in separate hands, so one yarn is knit kinda like Continental, I guess?  It made controlling the two yarns much more pleasant than my previous attempts at multi-colour knitting, I must say.  I usually can't stand all the tangles, even just with stripes!

This one will be a gift for a friend, even though it's not really hat weather here in Melbourne.  That said, it's Melbourne, so give it a day or two and it probably will be, despite being Summer.  Plus, it *may* just be the new team's colours, shhh ;)

(I'm a Melbourne girl, born and bred, so I'm allowed to diss the weather)

So that's December so far for us.  Now, we just need to get through Christmas and New Years' and I think we can finally relax, yes?  I'm looking forward to days at the beach, which is now just walking distance from our house, and lots of taking our time...with everything.

What are you all planning for the Summer?


Rose Red said...

Yay for fair isle (two handed even - wow!) and big yay for still having a job.
Hope you have a fabbo Christmas and lots of wonderful things ahead in 2013.

DrK said...

what a couple of months you have had! thank goodness about the job, so unsettling, and so lovely to hear about lily doing so well at high school, and your pride in her. im going to give fair isle a go too this year, that looks like a great starter project. have a great christmas!

Harmin' Miranda said...

my hat is famous!!!! I do love it so so so so much :)

kgirl said...

yay! glad you like it :-D