Thursday, January 30, 2014

Climbing up a Mountain

A dear friend of mine is about to set off on a big adventure - climbing Kilimanjaro, what an adventure, can you even imagine it?!

Of course, it will be cold there, on top of that mountain.

So I set to making her a hat.  A super chunky beanie using two strands of bulky weight yarn held doubled.

The pattern is the Last Minute Hat from Valley Yarns (WEBS), and it caught my eye just before Christmas.  I just think it's a lot of fun, and as far as warmth goes; this thing is bulletproof!

Plus, it comes with a kick-arse HUGE pom pom.  Check out that pomp!

It's a warm, snuggly beanie, and I used our Team colours, cos this dear girl is also a teammate of mine, and well - it's all about the Purple with us Charmers ;)

It was all just going so swimmingly well.  Last minute hat lived up to it's reputation and only took an evening to knit, including the pom pom.

I proudly sent her a message, announcing I had made her something warm for her trip.

The minute I sent that message, I went cold.

This girl is vegan.

This hat is wool/alpaca.

*forehead slap

I KNOW she's vegan.  I'm someone who is usually very mindful of my vegetarian and vegan friends' ethics, and I am usually so on the ball about this stuff.  I can only blame my enthusiasm at finally having the opportunity to knit something so chunky, living where that sort of item is rarely required.

I did quickly send a follow up message to check her stance on wool, although in my heart I knew the answer.

She was her lovely, gracious self and responded that while she would not buy wool herself, she would proudly wear something made specially for her, even in wool, and treasure it.  

Bless this girl, but I couldn't put her in that position so I made her a vegan version too.  She can choose either, or both, but at least I've given her the option should she want it.

I do fear this won't be as warm as the animal fibre version, but she can wear a cotton or polypropylene liner or something underneath, maybe?

Wool/alpaca version:  Yarra Valley Berkshire Bulky - purple and charcoal
Vegan version: Patons Zhivago - 3 strands held triple - 2x purple, 1x cherry
Both versions: 8mm needles


Caffeine Girl said...

I have a vegan friend, too, and have made a few similar mistakes with food! My friend is a knitter though, so she makes an exception for wool!

It must have felt funny to knit an uber-warm hat in the Australian heat!

kgirl said...

Vegan food definitely requires more vigilance than vegetarian! I was vegetarian for nearly ten years, and I think if I had moved to vegan I would have had to take a similar stance to your friend regarding wool!

( and it wasn't the most comfortable photoshoot given our heatwave, no :-))

nicole said...

Oh wow! They both look fantastic! And super warm! A little too warm for this sunny weather ha ha!
Beautiful pompoms too!

needleandspindle said...

Firstly, you are showing knitterly muscles knitting that in a Melbourne summer. Secondly, pom poms maketh the hat...always.