Monday, February 19, 2007

never too old for tulle or sparkles

A party invitation for Lily came in the mail today, for a fairy party.

It seems nearly-8 is still not too old for dress ups (thank goodness!)

She was so excited, she put together an ensemble in anticipation.

Our fairy wings had seen better days, so I made these "grown-up" wings from sparkly tulle and ribbons.

This is the fairy crown I knitted for the birthday girl, my friends 3yo daughter. Miranda-bear kindly agreed to model.

and this is the mini-cherry bag I made her to go with it. The photo is not the best representation of the colour, it's really more musk-stick pink! It's about 12cm wide and 18cm deep, just right for a gorgeous little 3 year old sweetie!


Donna said...

LOL! Em went to a costume party just before Christmas, and she went as a Fairy Princess.
She'll be 14 next month :)

Random Knits

Rose Red said...

Oh cute bag - how could a 3 yo not think she was superfantastic when using that bag!