Monday, April 30, 2007

colour me happy!

The Bendigo wools arrived today! The joy, the thrill, the absolutely HUGE BALLS OF WOOL!!!!

The Haul

Peppercorn 8-ply Rustic

which will become this.

Ram's Horn Jacket, from Nora Gaughan's "Knitting from Nature"
(apologies for the appalling image - scan not 100%)

Cherry 5-ply Colonial

which will become this.

from Mel Clark & Tracey Ullman's book "Knit 2 Together"

Silver 8-ply Colonial
fate is still undecided!


Carson said...

How's the softness factor?
Love those colours (I'm so predictable aren't I?)
The rams' horn jacket's very you.

Rose Red said...

I love both of those patterns - that ribbon tie cardi will be just gorgeous in the cherry red!

I will keep up the felting I think - I'm quite pleased with how it turned out in the end.

kgirl said...

It's pretty soft in the ball - knitting up will be the test!

Susan said...

Bendigo Mills is great. Make an annual pilgrimage when I drive up for the Sheep and Wool Show in July (? - must check the date). Have loved the Ram's Horn Jacket for some time. Look forward to seeing it. Love the colours you chose.

Madge said...

Gorgeous projects you have lined up. Love the retro sweater from "K2tog" - it'll look so fab in cherry red! (with a black ribbon?)

Rebecca said...

Love the colours... and what you plan to do with them! Is the price reasonable?

kgirl said...

The Bendigo wool is VERY reasonable! Those are 200g balls, average cost = $10 a ball. I'll get three adult garments out of what I've just bought and it was under $100!! (No postage charges for orders over $30, either!)

They have a website, now, too....!

Michelle said...

I, too, am in the throes of the Bendigo Yarn Rush. I knitted up a swatch of the Rustic last night, and it's a lovely yarn to work with- soft, but with a little bit of a crunch.

Janette said...

kgirl .. love, love, love the Ram Horn's jacket! I'm on the verge of purchasing the book just from that one design.

Janette said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and
leaving a note.

Have ordered Nora Gaughan's Knitting from Nature, which I hope will arrive next week.

Is there any chance you could tell me how much yarn is needed as I'd like to order the Bendigo Peppercorn this weekend(hope you don't mind!) to begin as soon as the book arrives. I was showing a friend the jacket and yarn today and she just loves it too. She'll probably order the book and yarn at some stage, but at the moment she is finishing off the Phildar Swing Jacket and it's looking gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your jacket modelled!

My email addy is mmmjhmATozemailDOTcomDOTau.