Tuesday, April 17, 2007


When we were in Ballarat over Easter, I visited my aunt, who lives in nearby Creswick.

My Nana, her mother, also used to knit socks, and when the subject of my foray into the darkside came up, her eyes lit up. She liked my Elven socks (before the mistake was spotted, harrumph!), and so we traced around her foot quickly on a piece of A4, and I left her with a promise of socks in the mail.
So, these are for her; my darling aunt, whom I adore enough to knit lace socks for!
I'm using the Moonlight merino/cashmere, and Cookie's Monkey pattern. In this combination, it reminds me of nocturnal seas, waves lashing against vessels out on the dark ocean at night, hence why I'm calling them Nocturnal.


Susan said...

nice photo. yarn looks fab. lovely present.

Rebecca said...

I just finished the monkey socks for my sister. It's a great pattern and I love your choice of colour!

Rose Red said...

These look great - great name.

Carson said...

That yarn! Noice, very noice ;)
And thanks for your lovely comments on my ultra raglan.
And, yeah what is it about those dinky rib bands?

sue said...

How nice of you to knit some socks for your auntie. The color looks so nice too, and I am sure in wintertime they will keep her toes nice and toasty. Living in Creswick will be cold that time of year.

PlumStitches said...

Gorgeous color, wish you were my niece!

OzKnitter said...

Your monkeys with the Moonlight colourway are looking much nicer than mine did! I was hoping to do them for my Bloomin' Feet pal, but they were coming out very 'swirly' so I had to change patterns. Isn't the yarn lovely to knit with? It reminds me of STR.

Can't wait to see them done.

kgirl said...

I wonder why they would come out diffently with the same wool? It is lovely to knit with, isn't it? I haven't had the pleasure of using STR yet, but nice to know this is on a par!
I can't wait to finish them too - I have more Knittery wool (Passionfruit) to make myself a pair next!