Tuesday, July 17, 2007

necessity knitting

attention all knitters: all larger projects have been officially placed on hold until further notice, (i.e. the appearance of warmer weather) to allow time to outfit all and sundry in hats, mittens and suitable neckwear.

People, there's snow in the hills, hail on the ground, and a wind that would knock you off your feet if you were not paying attention!
yep, it's winter in Melbourne, and I love it!

Last night, I curled up in bed with the electric blanket on, some trashy tv, and put all my efforts into making myself the perfect hat..

I found this pattern on the net, looked just what I was after - close-fitting, no rolled brim, covers ears.

My only variation on the pattern was to add a little cable twist where the original had placed a couple of stripes.

I remembered my wool from Benambra Blue that I picked up at the Red Hill Show, and the colours just seemed to fit with how I'm feeling at present - head a little bit in the ominous clouds, very brooding and mountainous.

I really do love variegated wool. I get such pleasure out of watching the colours knit up alongside one another, then meld into something else. This wool has soft browns, shades of sky blue, both cool and warm greys and limey greens.

...and because this has 15% silk, it is lovely and lofty, very soft to the touch, and just perfect to keep my head and ears snuggly!


2paw said...

I love Winter, we have snow in places all over the island!!! My mum has requested a hat, but I'm not sure what she wants: I'll bear this pattern in ind though!!! It looks great!!!

Rebecca said...

Great hat - I love the colours. Needless to say, I'm not missing that Melbourne weather at the moment, 36 degrees here today!

Madge said...

Pretty chapeau! Love the cable detail. Snuggly indeed.

Carson said...

Oh yeah, I hear ya re: needing armour, I mean- accessories against the cold!
Your comment about Scout by the way... v funny :)

chocolatetrudi said...

Oh, very nice hat!

I reckon my two week stay in the Blue Mountains recently got me very well aclimatised to the cold. Yesterday felt a little chilly to me, but the beau - who doesn't feel the cold - had the heater up high and kept reheating the hottie constantly.

I love cold weather... so long as I'm warm!

Rose Red said...

I love that hat - great colour(s), great pattern - perfect!

Leonie said...

Your hat looks great! I'm looking forward to the day when I see someone on a tram wearing the chocolate hat. :)