Wednesday, August 01, 2007

madame weigel and me...

It's amazing what one little slip from your self-imposed ban of eBay can bring forth.

just to see if there's anything interesting, mind - you know, out of curiosity only.

You understand.

Madame Weigel 1930's knitting and crochet pattern books

:: original tea cosy included ::

Until the auction ended, I was a woman possessed.
I have coveted that tea cosy book for years, yet never have I seen one in the flesh - nothing was stopping me now I had come this close!
It was worth it.
If you'll all excuse me now, I have to go make a pot of tea and slip into some suitable boudoir attire.


Rose Red said...

Thanks! I think you may have started another obsession for me!!!

Fab tea cosy!!

Madge said...

Score! Your tea cosy dreams have come true! So, which one will you make first?

P.S. I understand completely. I hunted ten years for a Trader Bob tiki mug, finally finding one in a Salvation Army thrift shop for $1. It was like I'd found the Holy Grail. (You can see examples here - To each her obsession!

Carson said...

Yeah! Now you can make yourself a glam 'sickie-cape' you know, a little throw over the shoulders flouncy thing next time you're holed up in bed with a lurgy. It'll keep you warm while you sip a cup of tea kept perfectly hot by the cosy!
Thanks for the Debbie Stoller tip re inserting elastic, I don't have that book. I'll see if I can find something on the web & if I can't I may just take you up on your generous offer :)

gracia said...

A koala tea cosy... magnificent! Yes, really. Please, please, please... say you'll be making it. Seems well worth the slip off the eBay wagon to me.
see you, g xo

Rebecca said...

Looks great. Sorry for the lack of correspondence lately - we've been out of town and the internet is down!!! I also just purchased some vintage knitting patterns (womens knits). Can't wait to try them out! By the way - your parcel is on the way (again, sorry for the delay)!

Reckless Glue said...

omg, those are amazing!

amber said...

I CAN'T browse ebay... I always find something I just MUST have :)

enjoy the tea and all the cozies you're going to make :)

Colleen said...

I have just come across your blog and totally understand how you feel about this item. I have been a collector of crochet patterns for years and on the 1st July found this particular pattern book for the grand total of 50c at a car show of all places. The vintage caravan group were selling off the last of the vintage mags they had. Now I know the history I will by holding this one close to my heart.