Wednesday, March 26, 2008

blank canvas #2

I was a bit tardy in getting this one finished, and as such, the baby arrived just as I was dividing for the arms. The up side was that it meant I could knit in the relevant colour, rather than add a trim to the edging, as I had originally planned.

I used a top-down seamless raglan cardigan* pattern I found here.

For the edges, I used a two-tone alternating slip stitch, which I am thrilled with. I love the smocked look it created, and I'm really please with the two colours together.

It's Patons Dreamtime 4ply, which I used previously for my Oatmeal Baby Hoodie.
It comes in 50g balls, so it meant I used just over 1 ball of the main colour and a smidge of the contrast, with plenty of both left over for another cardigan if needed.

The other blank canvas have winged their way to bub's already, and somehow I didn't get finished photos :(

I really don't know how I managed to do it, and hopefully the kind mums will take some for me and send them back... (yes, that's a hint, guys!)

#1 was trimmed with pale pink and rose pink picot edging, and pink heart buttons, and #3 (which was finished before #2) was finished with apple green, because we-don't-need-to-always-assign -gender-by-colour-do-we?-and-besides-if-I-see-one-more-pink-thing

A mum after my own heart.

I think I managed to get Lily to age 2 without pink, no mean feat with the first granddaughter on both sides, let me tell you.

Now, of course, she will only wear pink, but I figure it'll pass, right?

* not sweater.


Christabel said...

Oh, wow! It's gorgeous! That slip-stitch accent is just lovely. Very nice work.

Live 2 Knit said...

Such a great effect for such little effort - fantastic!

I had a pink stage too when I was little, then couldn't bear to wear it for about 20+ years after, only just now re-introducing it to my wardrobe.

Rose Red said...

Great pattern - love the edging part, you clever clogs!

Gah, if I ever have a daughter I don't know how I will cope with the (seemingly) inevitable pink phase. And the fact that it seems that you can only buy baby and girl clothes in pink. Stupid gender profiling!!

Nellie said...

This is beautiful! The edging/smock effect is divine.

Madge said...

Beautiful wee sweater. Love the slip stitch in the contrast color.

Grrl, you are a baby sweater knitting machine....

kgirl said...

doesn't help that I'm clucky as hell, and fast running outta time, either!

just have to content myself with being the favourite auntie...

Michelle said...

Beautiful! The edging is really gorgeous and effective.

2paw said...

The little cardi is gorgeous. I love the use of colours other than the usual pink and blue. I have noticed that some countries call everything a sweater, whether it is, or not!!!

TinkingBell said...

Beautiful cardi! and love the patterning! I'm back now and working through the things everyone's been doing while I was away - You're such a clever chick!