Saturday, February 28, 2009

cleaning up

I've been feeling a bit swamped lately, like there are more pressures placed upon me than I can cope with, you know?

It all came to a head last week, and amidst the resulting meltdown, complete with the ugly crying face and the snot, I had a moment of clarity so pure it was nothing short of an epiphany.

Everything had to be put in order - everything. I had to face things and deal with them, rather than putting my head in the sand (cos you know what? when you put your head in the sand, your arse it stuck up there in plain view!)

so I cleared out.
My mind, my worries, my stresses, my obstacles.
My cupboards, my wardrobes, my drawers.
My present, and my past.


and it feels great

All this cleaning out, naturally lead me to the {insert laugh here} "Studio". On my list of criteria when I was looking for a new home was 3 bedrooms, so I would have a space of my own to create in. Of course, it also houses the phone, the computer and the clothes dryer (remind me why I still have this?), and in general is used as the spare room-cum-dumping ground. To make anything in there involved climbing over debris on the floor, removing piles of paperwork from the sewing table, or unpacking the entire wardrobe to get out the materials needed.

I didn't get time to take a "before" shot, such was the urge to clear it out, but trust me, it looked something akin to this:

not quite ;) but, thin edge of the wedge and all...

now, it looks like this:

Ahh. clear, clean workable space - I feel calmer already.

now the work can begin.


katiecrackernuts said...

I am on a cleaning up rant which has caused my significant other to leave the house, and the two ADULT dependents to respond with ... "dust! dust? you want me to what?".
Yes, I want them to clean their own friggin' rooms and anything else that's simple, like hang up a towel, a teatowel, not leave washing up in the sink ... etc, etc. I said it was a rant.

62cherry said...

yay to you!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, lucky you, having a dedicated workroom now! Good for you for making it usable - I'm always amazed at how powerfully our surroundings can affect our minds like this.

Emma said...

Funnily enough, I read your post just as a 'clean up the house' morning is starting. Despite always being a messy person, I'm finally starting to realise that clutter and mess just unnecessarily adds to things weighing on my mind.

So I can fully appreciate the power of a tidy up/clean out!

Rose Red said...

Wow - that's fantastic!!

(but is everything ok? Was there something else behind the need to clean?)

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh my God, what a job you have completed, well done. You must feel much better now.

cseneque said...

Oh yay! So impressive.
I've recently been going through my clothes/clutter/yarn and giving away what I don't use.
It feels absolutely wonderful!

louise said...

Ah, a clean and brilliant workspace. I foresee great things are going to be made here, great and many things. xo lj

Miss Click Clack said...

Most of my epiphanies have required thousands of kilometres of driving and dodgy motels. Having one in the privacy of your own home - not just commendable, but cheap!