Saturday, February 07, 2009

surprisingly good

After many loyal years as an Interweave Knits subscriber, when my last renewal came round in March '08, I let it slide.

The magazine, in my opinion, just wasn't what it used to be. The layout, the designs, they all had started to seem a bit frumpy.

So when I saw that the preview of Spring '09 was up on their site, I checked it out,but I didn't rush, you know?

Well, was I pleasantly surprised.

There was six,, projects catching my eye from the little thumbnails.

This top would be on my list.

Petal Halter
Olga Buraya-Kefelian

as would this cardigan...

Whisper Cardigan
Hannah Fettig

This would hit my list because of it's name, but also because it looks beautiful in red...

Sweet Lily Shawl
Kristin Omdahl

and this is just plain cute!

Saoirse Shawl
Norah Gaughan

and there's more. quite a few more. I haven't been this interested in a new issue for quite some time.

It feels like the old buzz is back, you know?

At this rate, I may even have to re-think a subscription.


Bells said...

oh the cardigan and shawl would be RIGHT up my alley!

Donna (Random Knits) said...

I love the preview! This is the best issue in a long time.

Susanne said...

I've been thinking of getting a subscription and have been putting it off, but since seeing the preview there are at least two of the cardigans that I would like, and probably more. The credit card looks like it's going to get another hit - eek!!

Rose Red said...

I'm really happy with the preview too - Spring usually is the best edition, I reckon!

Chris said...

I let my subscription slide in December for the same reason! Call me superficial, but the photos were shot in a dull way, the designs were just sort of OK, and I couldn't get excited about anything. They just sent me this one (my last issue in the subscription) and I really like exactly the same designs you do! Since I can buy it in my local bookstore, though, I think I'll be cautious and pick it up when I see something I like instead of signing up again. But you never know.

Nellie said...

I agreed, I'm looking forward to getting my copy for the first time in ages.