Sunday, March 22, 2009


you can pooh-pooh Facebook all you like, but it seems it does have its uses!

Just as I had almost given up hope of finding a long lost
friend, after seven years of trying many, many different avenues, Facebook has come to my rescue :)

Danielle & I met through a serendipitous housing situation. I was in a 4BR rental house and just about to start my Fine Art degree, and my three housemates were just finishing their studies and looking for new (better) digs, and she had to move from the shared rental she was in. I put up an ad for housemates and Dan was the first
person who knocked on the door.

It was like we'd known each other all our lives. She moved in that weekend and we spent the next three years drinking lots, laughing lots, playing up all over town, and watching a rotating group of housemates pass through "our" house.

When we finally moved out (both to follow boys - go figure?!) we still kept in contact, but then I got married, had a baby and moved to the 'burbs, and she moved to France, then Scotland. It was during this last move to the Bonnie-land that we lost touch - email addresses changing, shifting houses, phones disconnected...all those things that happen in life, a
nd before you know it - poof!


Through the magic of Facebook though, we are finally back in touch, and the missing seven years have all but disappeared. However, I did discover she is to be married this April!

Lily's been asked to perform flower-girl duties at the ceremony, which are to be held against the stunning backdrop of the Grampians.

So naturally, I've been knitting - those mountains can get cold!

The bridesmaids are in a soft sage green; Lily's wearing ivory to match the bride, so I made a little shrug for her to tone in with the wedding party, using some specially dyed Wired for Fibre merino

Dan was bridesmaid at my wedding all those years ago, and I cannot wait to see her marry her fella.

and without Facebook, I would never have been able to :)

and of course, Lily's thrilled to be a flower-girl once more and to have a new shrug, which is already working its way into wardrobe circulation!


Bells said...

fabulous story! I couldn't pooh-pooh facebook. Full of junk but full of wonderful stories too. I love it for the stories.

Lily looks gorgeous. Well done!

Leonie said...

Gorgeous shrug and Lily looks so happy. Nice to find a long lost friend too. Facebook definitely has it's uses. I have a friend that I can only see every school holidays due to our kids being at school and weekends being what they are, but I play Scrabble with her on an almost daily basis!

Emma said...

Gorgeous shrug, it looks lovely on Lily.

A lovely reconnection story too! I think it's the reconnections that makes Facebook for me.

Rose Red said...

yeah, if you can ignore all the junk and timewasters, FB can actually be quite good - for things just like this!

It's a gorgeous shrug, looks fantastic on Lily - how lovely that she can return the favour to Danielle she did for you all those years ago.

cseneque said...

What a sweet story!
And the shrug looks just gorgeous on Lily.

PrincessPea said...

That's such a lovely story! How great that your daughter gets to be flower girl - I love the shrug. She looks like she loves it too!

kms said...

ah see i did a bit of facebook dissing a while back but this is a great story, so i take it back. lovely yarn, didnt realise L2K had moved so great post all round (even tho im eons late).