Saturday, March 27, 2010

making time

This week has been about making sure I make time for all the elements of my life, not just roller derby! I joined a group on Facebook called "Sorry I can't, I have roller derby!" because it pretty much sums it up. I loved their by-line:

"Nope, I can't tonight I have practice. Friday? Sorry that is our fundraiser at the bowling center. Saturday? ugghh day"

It's been lovely weather in my part of the world this last week. Beautiful balmy days, sunshine on shoulders and soft breezes. Today I've decided to take advantage of it while it lasts, and ride my bike along the beach road between my house and the cafe my knitting group meets at.

I spied these carnations as I was leaving the market the other day and thought they were too pretty to leave there. Their buttery colour and pink frills have added a lovely touch of freshness to my lounge room, and I love the way they look like part of a painting in this photo?

and my little gift-vest is finished, ready to be whisked off to Sydney. I made this pattern last year for another babe, and it came up trumps for the second time! It's "Oz Vest" from Natural Knits for Babies.

so here's to sunshine, and bike rides, babies and knitty lunches - hope your week has been just as fulfilling :)


Mildawg said...

That is a gorgeous vest! It looks so neat, and will definitely be loved.

sue said...

The vest looks great!

Leonie said...

The weather has been great hasn't it?? The vest is super cute, gorgeous gift for a new little one.

Chantal B said...

Ok... you make me jealous, i must tell. It's minus 5 here... and i don't have a "beach road". But i like to read your post! and the vest is really nice!
Nice week-end!

Ruby Girl said...

Those carnations are just beautiful and they do look like a picture. The vest is so cute.

Rose Red said...

Mmm, riding a bike along a beach road - sounds fabulous. Except for the actual having to ride a bike thing...I just can't contemplate that right now!!

The vest is fab!

DrK said...

sounds like a great way to spend a day, and a fantastic little knit!

prashant said...

looks great!
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