Thursday, March 04, 2010

new season, time for a change

I thought the heralding of Autumn and the {slightly} cooler weather deserved a new banner. The wool is from last year's Bendigo Sheep & Wool show - over 800m of gorgeous merino single laceweight, spectacularly dyed in the "Jitterbug Perfume" colourway by Melissa from Stranded in Oz.

Just seeing it gets my tastebuds all worked up for this year's show!

On the home front, the latest edition of mixtape is out, and it's a corker! Running with the loose theme of "Life's a circus", Justine and her merry band have produced another great edition.

I have a couple of articles in there this time round - tea cosies and The Fireballs - what a combo?! Nana meets psychobilly. Welcome to my world!!

As a little treat, you can also head over to the mixtape blog and download one of my very own tea cosy knitting patterns.....for free! Enjoy :)

"Aster" tea cosy pattern, now available as free download at mixtape

This week I also grabbed myself a copy of "Bark", a cool little mag that gleefully proclaims its "shameless self-promotion" on the cover.

don't know much really about the genesis of it, but it seems fairly tied with 3PBS and 3RRR, perhaps RMIT students?

Whatever or whoever it is, it was a good read and a good look. Worth a check-out, methinks...

and finally, this shot of the outfit of the week, put together by my 10yo.

Shirt I've had for years, worked back with black jeans and blue plastic beads, which were the girl's Christmas present to me.

you gotta hand it to her - for a 10 year old, the girl's got a good eye ;)


Rose Red said...

A most excellent outfit!! Well chosen Lily!

Oh I will miss it this year!!

2paw said...

It is definitely a cool and trendy outfit. Nice new banner too.
No sign of Autumn here, I think we will have to wait right to the death knell of the Equinox.

DrK said...

lots of very cool style in this post, love the new banner! and thanks for the tea cosy pattern, i dont have a tea cosy and i think its time i got one!

missfee said...

the banner and font is fab!!!
And Lily can come and dress me any day!

Bells said...

hooray! A tea cosy pattern from you at last!

Lily is good!

mem said...

That's a beautiful banner. And you're right - what a great eye your daughter has. I gave up listening to my daughter's fashion choices ages ago!

knitabulous said...

Jitterbug perfume - that's one of my favourite books of all time.

Your Lily is a full stylist in the making - they say born not taught and she seems a natural!

Gracia said...

"Jitterbug Perfume" sounds divine and were it a perfume for your wrist et al. I'd find a use for it.

louise said...

A very good eye, indeed. xoxo lj

Mildawg said...

Love the outfit -- the beads are fantastic.

prashant said...

It is definitely a cool and trendy outfit. Nice new banner too.
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