Saturday, April 10, 2010

a flurry of finishing

ahh, a few days away can work marvels for you UFO pile, can't it?!

Entomology is off the blocking pins and came for a trip to the beach. The colours remind me so much of the Australian coast, so I was well pleased with the resulting photo shoot.

here was the alternative shot, not nearly as ethereal!

The cashmere/merino blend is divine to wear - so light and airy, but very warm indeed. Can't wait to get some more of this cooler weather so can wear it a bit more.

and as previously mentioned, there are a little bundle of babes being born in my world. I was starting to really stress about getting everything done, but this week have managed to finish off a substantial amount of them.

This little bolero cardigan is a freebie from Debbie Bliss - you can find it linked on Ravelry or here. Knit all in one piece, then the only seaming is sleeve and side seams - huzzah!
I broke out some more of my Pear Tree stash for this one - I bought it at Bendigo '08 and it was unbanded, so not sure...

I also made these two sweet little hats and have plans for another few. It the Umbilical cord hat from Stitch'n'Bitch; a personal fave for a quick go-to baby project. It's simple, quick, and easily modified to fit a range of baby head sizes.

and it's a great stash-buster! These two are made of some Bendigo Rustic "Peppercorn" that I bought years ago to make a cardigan for me (so I have a lot of it!) I've since decided that it's not really that great a colour for me, particularly in a whole garment. The little bit of colour trim is more Pear Tree yarn.

My Untangled Yoke cardigan is coming along really well too - I would say I'm about 3/4 of the way to the underarms? Love working all in one piece, but it can feel a bit slower. Well, until you reach a certain point and realise you're almost home, that is!

I'm just glad it looks like I'm all on track - all babes should be in receipt of something woolly by time of birth, and I should have my new cardigan in time for Bendigo!


Bells said...

Gosh you have been working hard! Fabulous stuff. Entymology is gorgeous. Those colours! the light!

I must make a Debbie Bliss shrug. That's the second I've seen today. MUST DO IT!

Leonie said...

You have been busy behind the scenes haven't you!!

Love the Entymology, suits you perfectly.

Looking forward to seeing the completed Untangled Yoke in person in July!

sue said...

Love your entomology, suits you perfectly! The baby hats are very cute, I always forget to check that book for patterns to knit up. The baby shrug looks so nice in the tweedy yarn, and I too have seen this knit up 2 times today! I hope you finish your cardigan for Bendigo, I might try and make it this year too.

2paw said...

The flurry worked extremely well!! Entymology is lovely and the colours are very coastal!! Gorgeous baby knits. Oh your cardigan is great and it is like that too, you slog away at something and then suddenly it's done!!

Walden said...

Entomology is beautiful, spread out in the sun or being worn. The colors look absolutely wonderful in that pattern.

Mildawg said...

Oh wow! That entomology looks really light and airy and absolutely beautiful.

Rose Red said...

Oh, I think both photos of entymology are gorgeous!!

Wish I could be at Bendi to see your untangled yoke in person!!

Baby knits are the best!

Ruby Girl said...

Entymology is lovely, looks great. The baby things are so cute.

DrK said...

oh so many lovely projects! seems like you found some time knit after all, nice work all round.