Sunday, October 17, 2010


so, after being all fired up for nearly 4 week in anticipation, look what I went and did midway through the first half last night?!

somehow, I manage to land nose first on the track, closely followed by my forehead.  Still a bit groggy about the details, but apparently footage is being uploaded to Youtube as we speak.

First blood spilled on the track for SSRD - go me!

I am VERY grateful that my nose appears not to be broken, and I thankfully escaped concussion.  Our first aid crew were awesome and checked on me all night. 

I'm still beautiful, right?  just say it's so...!

(oh, my team won!)


Huff said...

You are still beautiful! And deliciously hard core! Seriously, ouch!

Rose Red said...

Well thank goodness blood wasn't spilt in vain!! Owie ow oww owwwww!

Also thank goodness it isn't broken and that you are still beautiful!

missfee said...

ouch - it looks really impressive - and hope you and the team did well despite the crash!!!

and yes you are still GORGEOUS!!!!

Wired for Fibre said...

Good to hear you came out without any further complications.

Adds to your street cred - no, and a great tale to tell all the nosy old biddies who look at you funny in the supermarket :)

Rachael said...

Oh of course you are still bootiful! No question. xx

Leonie said...

Lordy woman is that you? What a sight! Glad it's not broken, though it sure does look like a major owie :-(

Julia said...

Yikes! Thank goodness it isn't broken - and no black eye! Thanks for reminding me why I didn't get involved with the Toronto roller derby scene! Get better soon!

Kate said...


I bought some cheap second hand roller skates the other day, and a visitor at my house asked me if I'd joined derby. I had to laugh. I am far too uncoordinated, and I don't like pain! I am definitely not tough enough for derby...

Good christening of the track, though.

Donyale said...

Well - that's going just a little too far to win Kylie.

I mean - human sacrifices in the name of opposition distraction is really putting it out there for the team ;)

Glad it's not broken, and seriously, I am yet to see a yuck photo of you Eva!