Sunday, November 14, 2010

Final bout of the season - we won!

Last night was our final roller derby bout for 2011.

Our travel team - the South Sea Sirens - played Ballarat's Rat Pack, and we won!!!!  Final scores Sirens 114 - Rat Pack 96.  It was an incredibly good game, a real nail-biter the whole way.

I didn't play (still broken from the last one) but I was Bench Coach for the night, which was nearly as stressful as playing!

I was pleased to still get a uniform, too - how cute are they?

awesome way to end our debut season - SSRD rocks my world :)


Tara said...

Woooohooo! Congrats on the win!!!! Any idea on how long it will be before you can play again?

Rose Red said...

They are super cute uniforms! Especially with fishnets and wedges! Yay for the win!

Donyale said...

Look at your lush legs Miss K! Well done.

louise said...

Congratulation! How totally brilliant! xoxo lj PS I'm sure the uniforms rock, but my computer is refusing to load blogger photos at the moment. I shall have to return another day to see them.

62cherry said...

whhoooo whooooooO!!
have an awesome christmas you most excellent lady you!