Wednesday, December 08, 2010

last ones...

 well, I barely dare say it...but the baby knitting for 2010 is finally complete!

This little one is for Baby M, born late October.  I used the Baby Ruched Cardigan pattern (available on the net here) and some lovely squishy Zarina that was gifted to me from one of the women in my SnB group.

It is such a great pattern - top down, no seams, and knits up quickly on 3.75mm needles.  I've made it in the 3-6m size, and am hoping it will be just the right size once the weather starts to cool next year.  The garter stitch yoke makes it very stretchy and accommodating, so I'm sure that when it's needed, it will fit!

 This little one is for Baby E, born a few weeks later.  M & E are cousins, so I thought it would be rather cute for them to have same-but-different cardigans.

This is some knitabulous yarn from one of the yarn clubs I purchased last year.  The greens are so rich and move deliciously through the hues, especially when knitted up in garter stitch.
I modified the body, making it shorter and substituting an eyelet pattern instead of the ruching.  I also shortened it considerably and added a big girly frill

The buttons are from my stash - I've been saving these since before my daughter was born, and they went perfectly with this little bolero...I'm a sucker for a little floral button, I have to say

now...can I please have a big rest from baby knitting?  Please?!  As much as I love it, it feels like all I've done this year given my time constraints and the sheer number of babies born within my circle of family and friends!

I am looking forward to some long-planned bigger projects, including some big warm jumpers for both Lily and I for next winter, and the notebook is already filling up with ideas for my Red Hill Show entries!!


Bells said...

they're gorgeous! I haven't seen that one before and must do it. How wonderful you've had those buttons for so long and now they get used. I love that!

2paw said...

I have been looking for a little cardigan just like that!! Thank you for showing your gorgeous little cardis, I love the green colour too.

Rose Red said...

so sweet - especially the green one - those buttons are just fab!

Sue said...

They are both adorable. I adore the green one with the floral buttons. It must be the season for babies. I have nearly finished my baby knitting, just one to go for January and that will be 5 for the year that have arrived. I have lots more to knit up for my 2 new nephews so new patterns are always nice to find. I might have to try and knit something cute like the green one soon. Cant wait to see what you create for you and your daughter next year.

louise said...

Hope summer provides the time for you to start on these new projects. Hope you two have a wonderful Christmas too. xoxo lj