Wednesday, December 29, 2010

snuck one more in!

another little cardigan, for my little one in Scotland.  Same pattern as the last two, with yet another modification, just to keep it interesting (for me!)

I added another couple of rows to each "layer" and instead of decreasing on the last one for the final garter stitch band, I kept the greater number of stitches to produce a flounce for the finish

the yarn is The Knittery's Merino/Cashmere (OLD) in "Cherries".  There is some particularly lovely variegation between pale pink, plum, chocolate and dark cherry in this colourway, and I'm thrilled with how it's knitted up in this garment.

The buttons are off an old leather coat of mine that has not seen the light of day since this little one's mum and I used to knock around the gigs and bars, so not only do they match the yarn *perfectly*; they also have some resonance to different times I'm done!


beerentoene said...

lovely and cute...great colour...greetings from germany colette

Leonie said...

Go you! Way to go sneaking one more in and such a beautiful one at that. Lucky Mama whose baby gets this one, the buttons are perfect!

Rose Red said...

Such a great colour yarn for a little person and I love the button backstory!!

Happy New Year lovey!

Donyale said...

lover-ly as always.

Bells said...

oh there is ALWAYS room for one more of delicious little bites like that!