Saturday, April 23, 2011


in just over a week I'm heading off to Thailand for a much needed break - some eating, drinking and general relaxing is in order.  I'm pretty excited about it, as you can imagine!

We plan to do a fair bit of getting around, and the people I'm travelling with suggested a lightweight zippered sling bag would be really handy, so I spent the afternoon making this out of bits and pieces I had in my stash.

I'd forgotten how much I simultaneously love and hate sewing!

Something a simple a sewing a zip into a lined bag befuddles me each and every time I do it.  Do the right sides of both the lining and the outer face each other?  Where do I sew up til, so I can still flip it inside out?  and it goes on...

but I managed to get this little bag done with minimal re-dos, so I'm fairly pleased.  The outer fabric is so pretty, and the size has turned out just what I was after.

Knitting-wise, I have finished two more baby knits this week, bringing me to a total of 3 for 2011 so far.  Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo of #2 before I gave it to the Mum, but this is #3

It's Pebble, knit up in some Pear Tree 8ply I grabbed at Bendigo a couple of years ago.  The colourway is quite predictably named "Camo".  Such a great little pattern, this is!  simple, yet I imagine very practical, with buttons at both the shoulder and down one side therefore eliminating the need to put the garment over the babies' head.

I think vests are really, really useful for babies, too.  The keep little bodies warm, without too much bulk on the arms, and can be perfect for those in-between days and afternoons.

So, with a feeling of piety at how many baby knits I've managed to date, I celebrated and cast on Stellar for myself - squeeeeeeeeeee!

it's not very interesting yet, just miles of stocking stitch on a circular needle, but here's a taste of the colour

You can also check out the designer's blog for her prototype knit for Stellar - it's a bit different, due to yarn choice and sizing, but I think it's rather lovely too.


Rose Red said...

Yay for holidays and cool new bags (love that fabric!).

I can say from experience that vests are excellent for the little people - and the pebble in particular is a great one because of the button openings! Nice choice!

mel said...

YaY for T'land! Yay for Bendigo (although I will be unable to attend 'cos we are doing Malaysia/Borneo)! YaY for FOs and YaY for bebes!!!! I agree with RR and also want to add Milo as a great bebe pattern. I actually still make Milo for Harriet who is now 7, and Eleanor, nearly 5!


Leonie said...

Well done on the bag construction, sometime that sewing thing can get a bit confusing, I have been known to get paper scissors and sticky tape out to check I'm sewing the right things together in the right order!
I can so see you in Pebble, it will suit you to a T. Hope you have an awesome time in Thailand with lots of good weather and interesting sightseeing.

Bells said...

love love love your new banner!

I agree about vests - they're good for toddlers too I think for the same reasons!

I have done one zip, under supervision. I need to try again because I'm too afraid!

have a fab trip!

DrK said...

oooh thailand! nice, and with matching bag. very stylish! so nice to see baby clothes being knit in groovy colourways. stellar will look great on you too.