Friday, April 01, 2011

Twist Collective - Spring & Summer 2011

The new Twist Collective is live!

I always love it when the new Twist comes out, but this edition is particularly wonderful in my opinion, so I thought I might share my excitement over a few of the patterns with you.

The very first story, Better than basic, ticks nearly all my boxes - slightly retro patterns, lots of cardigans with big collars, great fit features, and...a personal favourite...bracelet-length sleeves!

this will be first cab off my rank

Stellar, by Jenn Jarvis

just adorable...I wish I could wear that mustard colour but I think I will do mine in deep purple Cascade 220 I recently ordered.  I was planning a big slouchy jumper, but I think it just got *bumped*

Hot faves in this section also include Blue Daisy - Hilliary Smith Callis; Clearwing - Amy Christoffers, and Quintet - Melissa Whearle, although I think I'd make Quintet in a sold rather than striping it...

Pergola, by Sandi Rosner is my clear sock fave in this edition, and lace knitters won't be disappointed either, with no less than 4 lace shawls and various garments included. 

At Jane's is a sweet little set of patterns which are all, again, beautifully styled.  I am not really that much of a frilly person, but I can't resist this

Mamie, by Cathy Carron

I think it's the dress...and that oh so cute pixie cut on the model (you will have to click the pattern link to see the haircut!).  I do really also like the tie at the neck being countered by the button at the centre bust, too.

There is a great  (very funny) article about the dance of the finishing by Lee Ann Dalton too, which is worth a read, as is the piece by Lela Nargi about Annemor Sundbø.

I find the photography, layout and styling so beautiful and well-constructed, not to mention the content which is, of course, stunning and well written.  The people in charge certainly have a keen eye for style and appeal, but they also know how to pony up the goods - this is definitely not a case of style over substance.

one of my few (minor) criticisms is that I just wish there was a special "buy it all" option.  Because let's face it - at around $7 per pattern it can get a bit pricey if you like a lot of the content.  Although, having said that, about special prices, it's not like a magazine you buy hard-copy where you may only get 2-3 patterns you like enough to knits.  Twist is like the ultimate build-your-own super-mag!

anyway...brava, Twist Collective - stunning work!


Emma said...

Stellar's my pick from this issue, the collar and the detail on the collar has really got me.

You raise a good point about buying multiple patterns. It's such a lovely magazine with great patterns that I don't think $7 for a pattern is too bad, but it would be nice to get a discount on multiple patterns from the magazine.

Anna said...

It was a lovely issue - I covet the hell out of that picnic blanket, even though I've sworn off projects that large after knitting my coat.

Good point re: buying more than one pattern. I would be awesome if they, say, dropped the price to $5 a pattern if you were buying three or more, or something. That said, I've been more than happy paying $7 for the patterns I have bought from them before - definitely gotten my money's worth!

knitabulous said...

I'm a huge TC fan too, but I was a little underwhelmed this issue - although like you I did like the mustard cardigan.

Looking forward to seeing what you create from this TC.

Excellent idea about the 'buy everything' option. You should suggest it on ravelry perhaps.

Gracia said...

That mustard number! Love it. Both knit and hue. My Mum's currently knitting me a little sweater with fair isle neck detailing. Lucky me. will post picks when all finished, if you like.

be well, g xo

(Love the new look blog overhaul too.)

Gidgetknits said...

I love Stellar too and about 7 more patterns. Ouch. But it's nice to know the designers are really getting something for their work.

Kate said...

I love twist so much. I loved this edition more than any other (I say that every time, and it's always true). I want to knit EVERYTHING in it. Right now.

I love how they are simple shapes, with a bit of interest. Things that I can see myself enjoying knitting, and enjoying wearing every day. Classics, with flair.

$7 is just enough for me not to buy the whole lot 'in case' and just buy them as I intend to knit them. They are definitely worth $7 (so well written and edited) but my greed wants to HAVE them all.

Rose Red said...

oh yay, new Twist! I missed that somehow...I really like Devonshire (I am fond of a little lace on a cardi...) and you are right on the pergola socks - always a sucker for knitted leaves, I am! oooh, and Mamie's model's pixie haircut is adorable!

Reckless Glue said...

oooh love that mustard sweater, you definitely need to make that...and I have my eye on quintet as well! cute cute cute!