Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A blanket square and a beret this week

I was walking past the campus cafeteria at work last week and noticed a group of women sitting knitting. Despite all senses telling me to do so, I decided not to be socially awkward and just bowl over to them with a big "Hey, can I join in?!" but as soon as I got a chance I headed down to the Student Services noticeboard to see if it was an organised group or just some friends having some lunch and a knit.

Turns out is is a weekly knitting group, right under my department!  They have about 10 members that come and go through a two hour session that runs over lunch breaks.

I went along the following week and I'm not really sure how this even happened, but within 2mins had been signed up to knit a blanket square for a charity group they are working with.  It's mindless knitting, 44sts of garter stitch for roughly 88 rows.  They did provide the wool at least...

As much as I like to help and am willing to do at least one square, I won't be rushing to sign up for another one though - I have too much of my personal knitting to achieve currently!

One of which is this sweet beret I knitted up last week for my niece, who's been borrowing her mum's berets and needed one all of her very own.  She put it straight on and by all accounts wore it all day, so I think she liked it.

Its the Springtime in Paris beret pattern (free on the net) and I did some deep-stash diving for the wool which is Cleckheaton Mohair (more fauxhair than mohair, but I digress) in an Aubergine colour, cos the little lady favours the deep jewel tones.

Such a quick and easy pattern to knit up, I am definitely considering another soon.

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Rose Red said...

You can't get higher praise than that! Worn all day, hurrah!