Monday, January 30, 2012


I do love all things vintage, but vintage hats would have to be one of my favourite accessories.

I was recently very privileged to be invited to a dear couple's wedding, which was super exciting and I can't wait! However, funds are a little tight after Christmas, and starting-high-school fees/books/uniform - eep that's expensive stuff, even for public schools, isn't it??  
(but I digress...)

I have a perfectly lovely dress already in my wardrobe and in fact, I also have shoes and a bag to complete the ensemble, which is most fortunate.  I did feel a little frippery would just complete it though, so I headed off to a vintage emporium I know, and look what I found!

In fairly good condition, aside from a few minor tears in the netting and a bit of grubbiness, this sweet little Harbig concoction.

Velvet and silk flowers and leaves, in the *perfect* shade for my dress - how awesome is that?!  Honestly, I can't tell you how good a match this is colour and style-wise!  I am well-chuffed.

from the side...

 those gorgeous velvet petals...

from above...

Those who share a Facebook friendship with me would have also seen my recent etiquette question, which was:  if wearing a hat to a wedding ceremony, should said-hat be removed for the reception?  I think we've established that hats should be removed at the table, so hair 'do will need to accommodate that! 

While I was there I also spied this little lovely, buried down the bottom of a display.  

She's a little more worse for wear than the green one...

The netting is a lost cause - nearly completely in tatters, and many of the large silk petals have small holes in them but I couldn't leave her behind!  The owner of the store gave me a very good deal on both the hats (both combined were less than one alone at other places I'd looked)

This hat is more of an half-circle headpiece, which I imagine was worn to the back of the head?  Or maybe like a crown, at the front?  I don't suppose it really matters these days, as one can apply a modern take on it, but I do like to know these things so if anyone can shed some light please leave a comment?

Look at those sweet little forget-me-not's tucked in there under the floppy petals -so gorgeous!

Don't you think she'd make a perfect "something blue" for a modern/vintage bride?


Reckless Glue said...

wow that is gorgeous, nice score...can't wait to see it on!

Rose Red said...

They are both gorgeous! Score!
I can't wait to see your entire outfit, including the hair do!
I think the blue hat, is it kind of like a headband, but wider? If so, then I think it is worn on top of the head, just like a headband, basically. I'll ask my mum, she was a great hat wearer back when these hats were new.

Bells said...

oh yes I do. Something blue for sure.

I adore them and all i can think is that I must look for one for myself. Thank you for the inspiration!