Monday, January 23, 2012

just for fun

I made these this afternoon, just for fun

It was another reasonably warm day here today, so after we got our chores done this morning, both of us settled into the darkened living area to relax the afternoon away with some music and quiet time...

I went looking for something a little bit mindless, a little bit instant gratification, and this is what I decided on.  And I'm glad.  They are coming to work with me, to be strung above my workspace on a large branch that I have suspended on fishing line from the ceiling.  I try and change what's hanging off "my branch" fairly regularly and the students will soon be returning, so this is perfect!

(The free pattern for these Lotus Mandala Prayer flags/medallions can be found here)

and I have no idea why Blogger has decided to load the photo upside down, but I have neither inclination or energy to try and work it out, so instead you get the crown-like version!


Kat said...

I have been thinking about crocheting some bunting to hang at my work. I share an office with two other girls and we all love to decorate so I thought I would make some to hang along the back wall. I want to make curtains for the little window in our door too.

Rose Red said...

Oh that is really cool! I am adding it to my queue in my quest to have an entirely handmade set of Christmas decorations.
And I love that you decorate your work in this way.

DrK said...

those are totally worth learning to crochet for. i love that they mean something, and that you can have them hanging up at work, what a lovely way to start your day.