Tuesday, February 21, 2012

new baby in the house!

hehe...not the kind you may think though ;)

after much scrimping and saving, I finally got myself a decent SLR!

much less messy than the other type of baby...

oh, and I totally copycatted on Soule Mama's recent knitting last night and whipped up one of the little flower hats - so adorable (and QUICK!). 

...to add to my (real) baby knitting box.

and using stash yarn ;)  - Pear Tree 8ply, for those interested, in either Rosella or Galah.  It was unmarked and I can never remember which one it is!  


Faeryfay said...

Love that hat! Gorgeous colour! Have fun with the camera!:-)

Bells said...

oh lucky duck! I'm hoping for one for my birthday. Looking forward to see the magic you work with it!