Monday, April 23, 2012

quick knits

2 days to knit 1 & 1/2 pairs of (8ply) socks...3 & 1/2 weeks to pick up the second sock again. much for my quick knits!

I was recently asked to knit some socks for family friends, and the him in the equation asked if his could please be "boot socks".  I took this to mean chunky, Explorer type socks, so I cast on a pair of 8ply socks, just to give them a go.  I've never knitted 8ply socks before, so I was pretty excited when I'd finished one and cast on the second in 2 days.  I can see the appeal!  They are nice thick "boot socks", toasty warm and ever-so-slightly {squishy.  After a bit of a break I have returned to them today, hoping to have them done by the weekend.

(and pretty sure I'll be making a pair of these for myself shortly)

This week I also whipped up a few little premmie hats to pass onto the NICU at the hospital.  They take only an hour to knit up and are great at using up seemingly tiny amounts of leftover sock yarn (they each weigh about 10g).

Holding one of these hats in the palm of my hand, I can't believe babies can be that tiny, but obviously, they can.  These hats will most likely not even be the smallest hats there.

Progress on my Manayunk cardigan has been coming along nicely this week, too.  

Back and both sleeves are done, and I'm halfway up the first front. I think I found the perfect  buttons for it in my stash, too!  I feel this will definitely be my Bendigo Sheep&Wool cardigan.  The buttons are from that amazing button stall at the Show a couple of years ago, and the wool is Bendigo Highlands, so it's really meant to be.


Bells said...

oh those tiny little hats. What a lovely idea and so fast. I'm going to look into this.

I've found 8ply socks really satisfying to knit when I've done them. Not quite instant but pretty bloody fast!

Rose Red said...

Heh heh, you went too hard too fast on the 8ply socks! Good idea to take a break in them, you don't want the recipient to think you can knock them up in a couple of days because he might just ask for another 10 pairs! (no doubt he will anyway because they'll be so good!)

I just can't believe baby heads can be that small either. Lovely little hats.

And that cardi really is meant for Bendi!

2paw said...

I love 8ply socks, you really can knit a sock in a night!!
They looks lovely and soft and your new cardi is so cute!! Such pretty colours.