Monday, April 02, 2012

Weekly round up - FO's

Firstly, there have been more baby gift-hats!

Still working my way through some stash yarn, I cast on two more wee baby hats for my gift-stash last week.

Both using some 8ply Pear Tree “Camo”; one basic newborn ribbed beanie and one Aviatrix

Aviatrix has been in my queue for ages now, and I’m so glad I have now finally made it!  It’s a great pattern, very well written and the nifty part is it provides instructions for different weights of wool, so you can make it using whatever stash takes your fancy.

I have to say, I am also really enjoying the process of knitting these little hats – there’s a certain sense of freedom after all those years of knitting garments as gifts, to now knowing that there will surely be a little hat in my stash that’s suitable for whichever newborn has just arrived, and that even if there isn’t; one is only a couple of hours away from completion.

It’s also a lot of fun to be able to try lots of different patterns and yarn combinations, and that all-too-wonderful instant gratification factor of a quick knit.

(but most importantly is the inroads it’s making into my stash!)

Secondly, I broke the cardinal rule and knitted for the Fella...

Camping at Easter, and he needed a hat.  He's got good taste, cos when he was given the yarn options, he went with the super-soft Bendigo (100%) alpaca.  The boring ribbed beanie; meh, not so much fun to knit, but it went quickly on 5mm needles, so pain-factor was fairly minimal.  And he's kinda worth it, and all...

and thirdly, this morning  I just had to make one of these!

Half an hour from cast on to cast off, plus a few minutes to weave in ends and sew on button eyes, and how cute is it?!  I only had two-post buttons, not 4-post, so my owls look a bit sleepy...but I like them that way.

You can find the free pattern here.  I plan to make a big ole bunch of these cos they are so much fun to make!


Rose Red said...

Half an hour?! You are a knitting speedster!

Love the hats, large and small! Great idea to be prepared!

Rachael said...

Ooooooh I love it. That's way quicker for Christmas knitting than socks!!

Kate said...

I've knit a couple aviatrix's in black for the gift stash. Lovely pattern, nice to have a gift stash! You're right, it's strangely freeing. But I probably should knit some in more conventional colours, since the people I care enough to give knits to, but not to specifically knit for, are generally Normals.

2paw said...

Maybe your owl cop cover just needs a cup of coffee? It is very cute. I love your Aviatrix hat, I've made a few in different plies and love it every time.