Thursday, May 24, 2012

ask me how I know...

64g of sock wool is not enough for a pair of socks....go on, have a guess.

I've been trying to find the "right" wool in my stash to knit my Mum's friend's socks in, but unfortunately most of the skeins I have now would be too bright for this lady, I feel.  I found a skein of some leftover variegated, but it was only 64g.  Optimistically told myself that could be done!

fool, fool, fool.

I came close, but no cigar.  This lady's foot is longer than mine, so when I got to where I would start the toe on my socks and the remaining skein weighed in at 33g, I knew it was time to give up the dream. 

 I have done a contrast toe in a complimentary variegated yarn, but I think this wouldn't really be her cup of tea, so I will keep these for myself and go buy some sock wool (a full skein!) and start again...

And I finished the experimental after-thought heel socks, and I don't like it.

One of the benefits of this type of heel is that it doesn't interrupt the pattern in self-striping yarn, and it allows you to basically knit a tube then add the heel pouch in afterwards, making knitting process possibly a bit smoother.

However, the negatives for me outweigh any smoother process (besides, I don't mind knitting and turning heels!).

The heel isn't reinforced with any slip-stitches, so for me this would be a negative as I think they wouldn't necessarily wear all that well.

I found it difficult to gauge when to place the waste yarn and subsequently when to start the toe using this method, resulting in a not very good fit.

and finally, I just really don't like the visual on the heel seam!  You basically knit as a 'toe" method, then Kitchener the final stitches, but I feel like it looks very clumsy as a finish.

so, the verdict is I'm glad I tried it (won't die wondering, as my Dad used to say), but I won't be bothering to knit the second sock. 


Sue said...

Oh well I guess the good thing is that you get another pair of handknit socks. I have heard a few people dont like the afterthought heel. I havent tried it as yet. Is there another way to do it without it looking or feeling like a toe decrease at all?

Leonie said...

Well the socks meant for your Mum's friend won't be wasted if you are keeping them. Perhaps you can make the second of the afterthought socks and give them to her instead?