Friday, August 17, 2012

farewells and new beginnings

This was the month I moved home.  After 6 years in one place, it was sold by the owner and although it wasn't set in stone that the new owner didn't want a tenant, it also wasn't certain.  Rather than be left high and dry, I took it as a sign that it was time to move on...and so we found this place...

It's the sweetest little 1950's unit, on one of my favourite streets in our seaside town.  We have a huge parkland right opposite, as well as the town's Botanic Gardens one block away.  In addition to that, both Lily and I can walk to school/work, and the beach is just a pleasant stroll away.

All in all, it's pretty perfect.

But, I hear you cry!  This is a knitting blog!!

Last night, sitting tucked up on my couch in my new little apartment, I managed to complete quite possibly the oldest WIP in history.

I first cast on these socks in October, 2006!  check it out here...

Technically, these are not the same socks.  I was originally making knee-hi's (um, yeah.  what was I thinking?!) for Socktoberfest 2006, and it was the first time I'd "splurged" on yarn from overseas.

Back in 2006, the AU$ was not what it is today, believe me!  I can remember being so thrillingly shocked at my decadence, spending That Much on a single skein of wool. 

From memory, the wool and shipping, combined with a spectacularly crappy exchange rate, saw this particular yarn costing me about AU$40?  Although, even by today's standards, that's pretty pricey, I will agree.

Anyway, the knee-hi's were proving problematic with terrible pooling so I ripped them out in around, oh...2009?  and promptly shoved the yarn down to Deep Stash.

In the fortnight before the move, there was precious little knitting time, but in an effort to stay sane, I thought I'd cast on some socks that could be picked up, put down, tossed around, depending on the mood of the day.  

These were the socks that got me from House A to Home B and I love them for it.


Rose Red said...

Heh heh, I'm so glad I am not the only one with such old wips (although I guess I am now that you've finished these!!).

I remember buying yarn from o/s back then too! Crackers, weren't we!

Yay for a lovely new place!

WildflowerWool said...

They look great! Enjoy your new socks and your new home.

Emma said...

hehe I like the term 'deep stash'. I think I have a few things down there too.

I love the sign at your new place, and your new sock from 'old' yarn. It's nice to have something knitterly connecting the old abode to the new.

2paw said...

I love the sign too, and I am glad you have a new home. Oh yes, I remember the hideous coat of wool from Overseas. We are living the high life now. Very nice socks and I love pooling!!

DrK said...

im glad you got from house a to b in one piece, and with knitted socks. moving is so stressful, and its good to hear you've found the right spot.

Leonie said...

Love the socks :-)

Congrats on your new abode I hope you are both happy and well settled, it sounds like the perfect situation for you both.