Friday, April 05, 2013

rollin', rollin', rollin'...

I'm having some fun with overnight rollers on damp hair at the moment...

Not the most comfortable sleep, but a few tips have helped:

  • foam rollers are softer to sleep on than velcro ones
  • a silk scarf tied over the hair keeps everything in place 

I feel like it's also a lot less stressful on my hair than using heat to dry, then a curling wand to style, and given the amount I dye my hair, I think it welcomes the respite!

I like to wash my hair after derby training, but we are often home late and the thought of standing there blowdrying hair for 45mins is too much to contemplate.  It takes all but ten mins to quickly "roll up" my hair and in the morning I'm left with lovely, bouncy curls that just need pinning and I'm ready for work.

That's my kind of time saver ;)

I want to practice some more methodical sets now too, rather than my very haphazard current method of "there's hair, there's a roller, let's do it!".

oh, and knitting.  yep, it's been happening.  I'm on the never-ending slog-a-long stage of my Seberg Sweater, down to the the last sleeve so shouldn't be much longer.

It fits *like a dream*, which I'm super excited about!  So glad I did trust the swatch.  And despite trepidation, it looks like I will have the perfect amount of the main colour, perhaps a little left over for a beret.

photos of an FO to follow shortly, and that's a promise.


Rose Red said...

Your hair looks SO CUTE! I might have to get some foam rollers myself!

DrK said...

they are great curls! i have unruly curls, i wonder if rollers would help. they remind me so much of putting my hair up for physi comps when i was a kid. very painful to sleep with, but totally worth it in your case.