Wednesday, July 10, 2013

retro knitting

I feel a bit like it's all retro, all the time around here, but even more so than usual this week!

Firstly, my crochet couch granny blanket has gone from WIP to FO.

Using leftover wool, mainly Bendigo Rustic and Luxury, in shades of grey, blue and red, this has been a great project to work on in-between other projects.

I started with classic granny treble...clusters?  I'm not sure if that's what they are called if you don't pull them all together with the last chain?  My crochet friends will know, I have faith.  I got bored with those after a while, so switched to straight trebles for the border, finishing with a

I am not a natural crocheter, so I do like how you can "fudge" minor stitch errors.  And how you can just pretty well make it up as you go.

It's the perfect "couch" size, just right to ward off drafts, but not too warm as to be considered bulky.

Then my chevron scarf in Crazy Zauerball got some serious attention and it turning out so deliciously retro, I can't stop admiring it!

Red, green and yellow are not my favourite colour combo by any means usually, but there seems to be enough blending and colour surprises to keep it just off the edge of replecating traffic lights.

I'm anticipating I'm about halfway through the ball now - didn't weigh it at the start, but it doesn't really matter with this pattern.  To echo Dory, just keep knitting...


Miss Prudence said...

Gorgeous projects!!! LOve your holiday snap - such a gorgeous couple!!

Rose Red said...

Do love your granny, especially how you mixed it up with the plain rounds of trebles at the end, and then the shells. (I too love crochet for it's "fudge-ability"!)

I am crocheting a scarf in the Zauberball. Got to love the colour changes hey!

Anna said...

Love your granny blanket! Great colours. I always get confused with UK vs US crochet terminology - never quite know if I'm doing double or treble anything!

DrK said...

We all know I think crochet is the craft that can not be named but that's mostly because I'm so crap at it. I love that rug, and those gorgeous colours! Also, retro is totes a thing :)

Rebecca said...

Lordy, it is great to read a post about stuff made from Bendigo Woollen Mills yarns. I know it's not cool or even that good but it is so Victoria eh! Those Shelter and Quince and Co. folks just don't know what they are missing! Congrats on the afghan - it is a triumph. And Zauberball project is joy to look upon. Glad you liked the Sweet Tomato Heels - they are definitely worth a try.

2paw said...

I would not have known the rug was left overs, it looks so colour co-ordinated and looks nice and warm. Your crocheting terms sound pretty right to me!!
Wow, love the crazy scarf!!

Dorothy Haines said...

Gorgeous projects!!!!