Thursday, October 10, 2013


I finished a cardigan!  

Morganite was an enjoyable knit definitely, although the lace yoke was not without challenge and really kept me on my toes.

I wrote last fortnight about my disgruntled feelings on the lack of clear direction within the yoke instruction, and in the end I just had to use my initiative and previous experience to nut it out.   There was some ripping out with gritted teeth, more than once, as I realised my lace was no longer matching up as the raglan decreased, but every second row was purl so it wasn't terribly difficult to re-establish.

I shortened the sleeves and the body, and as I knit I realised I would need to shorten the yoke a little to keep everything in perspective.  I left out the short row shaping on the back of the neck, which I don't think will be missed on my version, and roughly 12 rows of lace, which meant only having 2 buttonholes but I'm cool with that.  I'm not really one for buttoning up my cardigans anyway.  Well, not this style of cardigan.

Overall, I'm really happy with this project.

I love the way the colours work together in this pattern and how luminescent the yarn appears.

I love the geometric lace, like cathedral windows, or mountain ranges.

I love that I got to use my special yarn and the end result was special too.

My ambition to finish both my cardigans was grossly overstated, however.  Wrangling 7 people in a small holiday house proved not conducive to a huge amount of knitting time, and really - I wanted to be part of all the chatter and games and fun!  So instead of picking up my Girl Friday, I cast on zombie socks as part of a Halloween KAL!  

I've used my cloudlover's "Haunted Vineyard" pared with the Charade sock pattern, and the colours are deliciously zombie-like.

The kids were fascinated by the way the colours came up, how they striped at different rates (how they striped at all was quite amazing to the youngest), and assured me they could totally see the "zombie" colours, bless them.

I'm back at work this week, which has been a reality check.  Looking forward to each evening when I can relax with a glass of wine and some simple sock knitting. Returning to everyday life after a break can be a grind...thank goodness for knitting.

(and wine)


Donna said...

Oh, it looks lovely! I think I need to queue that one!

2paw said...

No wonder you are pleasedwith your new cardi, it is beautiful and I love your styling. The lace looks lovely and you must feel great wearing your special wool. Your second cardi went the same way as my dresses!! The zombie socks are very scary and I love the stripes.

katiecrackernuts said...

The wool is beautiful. I love the colour and the flecks through it. The knitting is pretty fine too.

needleandspindle said...

What a grown up thing to have finished! It is lovely. Kids back to school, swimming, sports, kinder, shagged cannot even knit!

Huff said...

Gorgeous! It's the perfect match for colour and style. I get so nervous starting a project with a special yarn, it's wonderful when it turns out so well.

needleandspindle said...

I can't seem to reply to your comments on my posts, the Gmail account is bouncing back.

Leonie said...

The Morganite has come up so well, you've done an awesome job of it :-)

DrK said...

what a fantastic pair of socks! and the cardigan is just perfect, it looks absolutely stunning and was so worth getting right. it is very special yarn isnt it, so lovely to wear. well done!