Wednesday, December 04, 2013

a small amount of procrastination...

I seem to have skipped a week somewhere along the way, sorry - time has got well and truly away from me at the moment.

However, I do have some finished pieces and new works to show you though!

For a 24/12 update, I went to cast on the Tears of Bronze beanie only to find issues with the pattern link.  As in, it doesn't seem to be available any longer?

I went scrolling through Ravelry looking for a substitute, but after no luck finding something I really wanted to make, I finally thought - pfft, how many beanies have I knit?  I can totes do this on my own!

So I did.

MossyHearts is a pretty basic stocking stitch beanie, with a twisted 1x1 rib band and a cable panel of hearts and moss stitch centres finishing with a simple cable up to the crown peak.

The wool is Madelinetosh DK in "Baltic".  Oh dear lawd, this colourway is FINE.  I'm pretty pleased with how it came up in this beanie, it seems to show off all the variations and has minimal pooling/striping.

Once the was finished, I decided it was time I knit my two beautiful nieces a cardigan each.  Coincidentally, this thought came almost simultaneously with Tikkiknits releasing a set of summer cardigans AND offering a coupon discount as part of the Indie Design Gift-a-Long that's happening on Ravelry at the moment.  

I ordered some BWM 8ply cotton in a pale grey and vibrant fuschia (to match their individual personalitites!) and got started.   I've just separated for the sleeves on the grey and the fuschia is only a few rows in, but I'm already loving the pattern.  It's got enough interest in the form of some lace details to keep you motivated, but it's simple enough to suit my modern young fashionista's taste.

I don't think they'll have them for Christmas - I'm making sizes 8 and 10 so these aren't toddler cardigans - but I'm hoping to get them both done in time for summer holidays at least.

THEN, just as a bit of a quick fix project, I dragged out some stash cotton and made a couple of dishcloths!  I love knitted dishcloths.  They are so soft and squishy, and I think they stay "fresher" than chux-like ones you buy at the supermarket?

I made on knitted one in a chevron stitch, and two crochet ones, because I'm determined to master crocheting from a pattern and I figure a dishcloth is probably a good way to practice.

(Keen blog readers will notice that despite a flurry of activity, there has been no casting on of the final project on my 24/12 list - the Gingko Shawlette...  I'm procrastinating, I know.  This week will be the week, for sure!)


needleandspindle said...

Ooo the tension is mounting the finish line is in sight. I would do exactly the same thing and cast on something entirely unrelated. Ah, it is where the adrenalin lies! Everything is looking wonderful, especially the hat you whipped up off your own design. This post was like knitting as a sport, so exciting.

DrK said...

i bought some bendi cotton this week for something and i think it is LOVELY!, so soft and smooth, your nieces are lucky girls. very clever beanie and i always forget about dishcloths, i need some new ones in the shower too!

kgirl said...

it (BWM) really is the nicest cotton, isn't it? I'm very impressed with it's softness too.

2paw said...

Fabulous beanie, now you're a designer!!! Those Tikki patterns are lovely and your nieces will be chuffed!!

Caffeine Girl said...

I am tired just reading this post! Two sweaters? That is ambitious. Can't believe you whipped up that hat without a pattern.

Rose Red said...

Yay crochet!
Another fan of Bendi cotton, and that silvery grey is my favourite colour. Nice one! Lucky nieces.
Great work on the hat, I am making a Chrismtas stocking for Connor, and even though it's just a big sock with some fair isle around the band, I had to buy a pattern just to get the numbers (so lazy of me!)