Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kris Kringle, knit-style

I cast off my Gingko Crescent shawl Monday night and thanks to warm Melbourne weather, it was blocked and dry by the morning!

Being the only thing I worked on this week, this project went rather quickly and by about Saturday I had a good feeling I was going to make it in time for our knitting group's Kris Kringle at the Christmas dinner. 

The recipient seemed very happy with her new shawl, proceeding to wear it for the remainder of the evening.  It actually even matched the colour of her top, which was pure coincidence as we did a random KK, where each parcel was numbered and we all drew a number to be allocated a gift.

The wool is Knitabulous 50/50 merino silk.  Such a beautiful base, and lovely for stitch definition in the lace.  It's soft to the touch, and didn't seem itchy at all.  The colour is "Tokyo Rose" and it was part of a yarn club Knitabulous offered a few years ago now.  I really liked working with this yarn and I have a decent amount still left to work on another small something one day.

I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful Maluka shawl as my KK  gift, made in Madelinetosh Merino Light deliciousness. The light has faded here tonight, so I've only got this shot so far unfortunately.    This is quite an accurate representation of the lovely russet colour of the yarn (Byzantine, if you're wondering), and it shows off the lacework just beautifully.

I'm so excited to receive a knitted gift, I can't tell you.  When you knit yourself, you don't often get knitted gifts.  My guess people think something like "Oh, you can probably knit it yourself if you really wanted it"?  

I know I'm more inclined to give my knitty friends knitting-related items, like needles, project bags, patterns, but I think after experiencing the sheer delight of having something knit by someone else, I will be changing that and will start giving my knitted items to knitters too!

and you guys - you know what this post means don't you?


*happy dancing in circles*


needleandspindle said...

Happy shawl finishing, happy shawl receiving, and most of all happy quest completion...with time to spare! Enjoy the sweet feeling of being done.

Huff said...

Yay! I've loved seeing all your knits this year! I've always felt the same about giving handmade gifts to other makers too, then I remember how much I love receiving handmade gifts and that they probably appreciate them just as much as I do.

Jules said...

Huge congrats! And kudos to you for finishing in such good time- I'm sure I'd still have pieces blocking on New Year's Eve ;) it's been lovely seeing your progress.

Happy festive season and may there be some colourwork pieces in your 2014 24-in-12 ;)


Pamela said...

Congrats on finishing your challenge! That's so awesome. Both shawls are gorgeous. I'm totally with you on the knitted gifts thing - I think I've gotten all of one knitted scarf, ever. But I can't complain, as my mother sews, and I sometimes get wonderful tailored garments. Good luck on next year's challenge!

2paw said...

Congratulations on completing your challenge. You are right, to receive a knitted gift is a joy for a knitter. I love both the shawls and yes, the Knitabulous wool is lovely, I have tennis ball green socks!!!

Rose Red said...

It is 10.55pm on Christmas Eve and I have just sew in the first end on Connor's Christmas stocking - talk about cutting it fine!!
You did a gorgeous job on your shawl, and how lovely to receive one in return! It really is special to receive a Handknit from another knitter.
Hope you have a fabulous joyous Christmas! Xx

DrK said...

gorgeous knitted christmas things! i agree about the knitted present thing, we tend to do it for babies but not each other! maybe because we all think we're kind of fussy? hope you're having a lovely christmas xx

Leonie said...

Well done on completing your challenge, you are well and truly entitled to a happy dance or 24!