Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A year of Sweaters by Season: Autumn 2014

In the flurry of finishing show entries, and getting sidetracked by other projects, you might be forgiven for thinking I'd forgotten about my 2014 project - to knit four sweaters in 2014 that reflect upon the seasons in some way.

Not so!

Peasy was the pick for Autumn, using the ever-lovely Rowan Felted Tweed in "Seasalter".

Back on February 1st,  I swatched (I repeat, I SWATCHED!!) and got spot-on gauge using my 3.75mm Addi Turbos but sadly that's where progress lay for another month.

However, as soon as the Red Hill Show entries were done, I turned my complete attention over to this project and it's ticking away nicely.  Not without it's own hiccups, as seems to be my constant knitting woe for 2014, but nonetheless; ticking along.

I've worked the yoke increases and lace panels that, despite being simple and sweet, caused me much angst and cause for doubt.  I do have a habit of over thinking pattern instructions, and this was no exception.  I got stuck for sometime on what the pattern was wanting me to do regarding the yoke increases, until finally I trusted my own judgement and went with my gut.  Thankfully that was the right thing!  I've noticed a few other people have mentioned confusion at this section of the pattern, so that also makes me feel a tad better too.  The lace was just pure mis-reading on my behalf.  I have no explanations anymore as to why I seem to have lost the abilty to read simple lace instructions.  We will just have to accept it as what it is and hope the tide washes over me at some point!

Woes aside, I'm completely enjoying this cardigan and yarn combination.  I think Felted Tweed might just be my favourite sweater yarn, and the "Seasalter" colour is just a delight.  Not as dark as navy, but not so bright as to be considered cobalt - it has a lovely inkiness and depth.  It does remind me of the salty deep blue sea, way out in the open water...I can't wait to snuggle up in the cardigan as the weather starts to cool.

Another thing that is pleasing me about this project is a particular feature of the pattern.  It's certainly not anything revolutionary, and I'm sure 1000 people have done this all off their own back, but I had a lightbulb moment when the pattern reached the division of arms from body, and politely requested that I knit THE SLEEVES FIRST.  The sleeves first!  Of course, why did I never think of that before?!

No-one (that I know of, anyways) likes finally getting to the end of the body of a top-down cardigan after all that slog (usually in stocking stitch), only to then have to face knitting not one but TWO sleeves before calling the project done.

I do believe I will make all the cardigan and jumpers this way, for evermore.

And as it turns out, it's lucky I'm such a Rowan fan, because I am very pleased to announce that I am now the newest staff member of Sunspun!  I'm so happy to be joining this incredibly awesome team of talented women, and to be back working in an inspiring, creative environment.  

If you've been following the Sunspun blog recently, you will have seen that we are in the process of some renovations, some refreshing of stock, and lots more exciting plans.  If you're in the area, do come and check it out - I'd love to see you and hear what you all think!

**edited to add**

Oh, I forgot - I had a good result from the Red Hill Show too!

A first, a second, and two thirds.  4 society ribbons and $5 prize money for the First.

Well pleased with that.  The $5 became yummy chocolate for my fella & I; the society ribbons are in the Box of Special things.  I resisted pinning them to my shirt.


nicole said...

Holy moly! So many things I love about this post!
I've knit with this particular yarn myself (in the same colour too!) and it is awesome! And genius move with the knitting the sleeves after the yoke for sure!
And congratulations on both your show wins and your new position! I LOVE that shop and have been sorely tempted to drop my resume in there too! It is gorgeous!
Bit of a trek for you though no?
You'll have to let me know what days you are working so I can drop in and say hello!

needleandspindle said...

Double Happiness to you. Brilliant show result and knitting nirvana for a workplace. Well done. May both continue to give you pleasure.

2paw said...

It's one of those "aha" moments with the sleeves!! Congratulations on the Show wins. I'd pin the ribbons on my cardi!! Seasalter is a gorgeous colour and will be lovely and warm.
Happy new job. So lucky, I always fancied working in a Library to get first pick of the books. My sister, when she was little, wanted to work in a bank: she thought she would get to take the money home!!!

Fay said...

Congrats on your job and the show wins. Your sweater is going beautifully and I love that yarn!:)

Rose Red said...

Congrats on the ribbons! Very cool! Not to mention the job!! Every knitters dream! (Are you sure you don't want to wear the ribbons pinned to your cardi when you are at work?!)

I love that colour yarn too! I have a serious case of the Wantsies just looking at your photos.

Emma said...

Congratulations on the show results and the new job!

It's been great seeing the changes to Sunspun via the blog and Instagram. Will have to make my way across the river to check out the renovated digs.

DrK said...

weeeee!! ribbons!! and those gorgeous cardigans. seriously, i salivated. also, a little birdie might have told me about the sunspun thing and i was so glad to hear it! i will be down there in september and will definitely come say hi. im so pleased for you xx