Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This week has been all about sorting out my Red Hill Show entries.  I've sorted out my frustrations of a couple of weeks ago, wrote my list (oh, I love a list!) and I'm now feeling much more in control of the situation.

Follow your Arrow will be one entry, as well as a couple of other pieces from late last year.  
Projects knitted specifically for the 2014 Show will be a baby cardigan, a tea cosy, and a pair of baby booties

After the disappointment of my previous baby cardigan knitting, I have already had much better luck with this project.

The pattern is Lucille, from Kelbourne Woolens and I'm using some Berocco Ultra Fine Alpaca in the colour "Turquoise Mix ".

The beautiful alpaca yarn and it's rich colour are perfect for this wee vintage-insipred pattern.  I love strong colours on babies, and this particular shade is so pretty.  It's probably a little more vibrant in real life, but it's hard to capture on camera. 

Originally I cast on using bamboo dpn needles, as they were the only 2.5mm's I had at hand. My thoughts were as the stitches increase, I'd just add another dpn.  Easy, like the old-school style you see in charming European photos.


Seriously, do I not know myself by now??  By the time I got to 200+ stitches and 5 needles, I was done with that foolish notion.  It was SO cumbersome; I kept losing stitches off the ends, and my tension around the needle transition was terrible. Plus I was about to start the lace. I could my future, and there were tears.

I hunted through my needle stash and found some circulars in the required size and now we are all much happier.

The lace is absolutely lovely in this pattern. A little more geometric than floral, it's lacy but not too lacy. Pretty without being prissy.  I think I've rediscovered my baby-knitting love, and the key is definitely vintage or vintage-inspired.

I've only got one skein of yarn, so there might be a bit of yarn-chicken happening on the sleeves, but I have my fingers crossed. If the worst happens and there's not enough yarn for full length sleeves, I still think it's rather sweet with short sleeves anyway.   

I'm a little sad not to be able to complete the matching bonnet though.  I do love a sweet bonnet!


Emma said...

That colour is glorious! I hope your yarn chicken works out in your favour.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a gorgeous little sweater. It will look great with any length of sleeves!

Leonie said...

Looking awesome so far. There is something about the simplicity yet complexity of old fashioned knits that is appealing.

2paw said...

What a beautiful cardigan and it is very vintage but so sweet. It made me hum Kenny Rogers, and that can't be bad. I love a good bonnet too. Good luck with your sleeve enterprise!!

DrK said...

oh it is gorgeous. I love that yarn, it is so smooshy. and i think this would actually look gorgeous with little puckered cap sleeves. so sweet!!