Wednesday, October 08, 2014


So I bet some of you were thinking I might have forgotten all about my Year of Sweaters by Season project, eh?

But no!  It is true, I did detour slightly there for a little while with Beeline and Nightingale and various other small projects but the project is back on the forefront and with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

The Fieldwork Cardigan from Pompom was slated for Spring and I'm still very happy with that decision.
pompomquarterly, fieldwork, cardigan, spring

I'm using Berocco Ultra Alpaca Light which is a fingering weight blend of wool, alpaca and nylon. I'm halfway through the back and at the midway point, I felt the strong need to see how the lace would block out so I threw it in to soak and blocked it out while still on the needles.  So far it's holding the lace pattern beautifully. 

pompomquarterly, fieldwork, cardigan, spring

I've made a small modification on the pattern, working both sides of the back all in one rather than in the two pieces as the instructions direct.  The pattern is slightly directional, but not enough to worry me by working it this way.  There was something bugging me about having a big old seam down the centre back.  Other people have also made mods so the sleeve seams that run along the top are eliminated, however for some reason they don't bother me as much as the back?  I may live to regret that, but time will tell...

pompomquarterly, fieldwork, cardigan, spring

The beautiful thing about this project is that it has organically become a KAL with Jules from woollenflower, too.  We've even picked (quite by chance) similar colours!  Knitting along with others is always fun in my opinion. 

Stay tuned for our progress :)


rebecca said...

A red cardie is a wardrobe stalwart and this one is a cracker. Beautiful lace and such a lovely cropped shape. I am loving your seasonal knits, a great theme.

Fay said...

Gorgeous cardi in a lovely colour!

2paw said...

Oh, that's a lovely cardigan and I am smitten with the original green. I agree, seams on top of the arms bother me not a jot, but the one down the back interrupts the flow!! It looks beautiful.

Caffeine Girl said...

That is a gorgeous color. The lacework is coming out perfectly. It will be fun to wear!