Monday, October 30, 2006

my sweet unfeltable you?

My latest venture into felting, the "Sophie" bag from MagKnits.

I've used Lincraft Cosy wool, only because I had read on the net that it had been used in a felted object, but it has currently been agitating for an hour, and looks no closer to becoming felted?

I used 6.5mm needles, and am wondering if that gave a too loose gauge? I love the look and idea of felting, but I am yet to have a success (0/3 so far)

Appreciate any advice or tips! I have tried towels and jeans in with the items, I always put it in a washerbag, and I use the hottest wash cycle on my top-loading washing machine.

My first attempt was a "stash bag", which had a moderate quantity of Debbie Bliss DK that remained spectacularly unfelted while all around it shrunk - who would've ever thought?

The next item was a Easter Bunny-esque rabbit for my niece - floppy and rough, I think it sits on a shelf and scares the poor child at night!

Now this bag, which I had my hopes set high upon being my go-to Christmas present for the women in my life.

Am I doomed to walk this life unfeltable???


Donna said...

Rumour has it that Lincraft have changed the composition of Cosy Wool, and that this year it's been made superwash. I last felted with it about 3 years ago, and I haven't bought any lately, so I can't confirm the rumour.

Random Knits

k*girl said...

oh, sod it! ball band says hand wash in cool water, i had hoped that meant it was ok. I'm going off to swear quietly (but profusely!)in a corner somewhere! Thanks for the info, Donna

flim.flam said...

Felting angst! I have only felted once, following instructions from which I don’t seem to be able to find today. It was a hat of handspun, totally untreated alpaca, which felted (with a small, grateful sigh) the second it hit the water and looks fab. I presumed it was always that easy… Perhaps my Xmas plans are also headed down the drain!
The instructions recommended (I think) a tablespoon of pure soap in the water, hot-tap rather than boiling water, less rather than more water, not putting anything else in there with it, and rubbing unfelted bits together to encourage a better result.
But I'm sure you know all that already... Hope you can get it to cooperate soon!

Katie said...

I've made quite a few Sophies & I use the Carnival 100% wool found at Big W, it actually says on the ball band "suitable for felting".
Darker colours are better. I always pop it in a lingere bag (or you might clog up your washing machine hose) on a hot wash with a couple of pairs of jeans or towels & some washing powder. Good Luck!