Saturday, October 28, 2006

slowly, slowly

I have come to the realization am going to have to admit defeat! Even if I knit all day and night (which, although I'd love to, I can't do!), I will not have a pair of socks finished before the Socktoberfest clock strikes midnight...

Good news, though, is that I am still LOVING my knee-hi Willy Wonka socks, and have embraced Carson's attitude of "zen" when it comes to colour-pooling!

If I'm very lucky (and boy, do I mean VERY!), I may get one finished. My darling niece is turning 3 on Halloween, and there is much partying to be done this weekend. In hindsight, should've made her a pair of knee-hi's out of this wool?! Might've at least got them finished that way!


Carson said...

I'm glad you're still loving them.
Yeah I think with variegated yarn you do have to be a zen pebble.
Love that cowgirl fabric in the b/g

k*girl said...

Cowgirl fabric was my Kris Kringle gift last year - how much cooler is that than a crap novelty toy??!! had a little note attached "for a new knitting bag, yee-hah!" I think it may almost be my favourite present ever received!