Saturday, October 21, 2006

oh, happy knitting day!

Mosaic socks are frogged!

It felt so liberating to pull those bloody needles out and just start unraveling!

I will use the wool for a plainer sock, I think, perhaps a subtle cable up outside of each leg?

I couldn't wait to get started on my new wool (Socktoberfest), but alas, it seems everything was against me this week, lots of demands on my time. I was desperate to just sit and knit!

Finally, I managed to get them cast on and let me tell you, the unadulterated bliss I felt working this wool! It's got such a great soft touch, and it knits up smoothly. The joy of working around and around K2P2, the rhythm of it all, was heaven after the battle with Mosaic's slip stitches and juggling two balls of wool at once.

I definitely think my focus should be on handpainted wools if I want variety from now on, particularly with socks!!!!

So, the aim is still to complete at least one pair of socks before Socktoberfest ends! I can see myself at one minute to midnight casting off, photographing and desperately trying to upload to my blog before the clock chimes midnight!!! I know my effort has been put to shame by others in this KAL - have you all checked out the Flickr site for Socktoberfest? Awesome images!

Looking at the small amount I've knitted so far, I am strongly reminded of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I think the purple is so Willy Wonka, and the dark stripes seem to be spiraling psychadelically around the leg at the moment - hope that continues!!

Babygirl is calling them witchy-woman socks, but I think they will be Willy Wonka socks to me...


Carson said...

Now that willy wonka is a FAB colourway!
And hurrah for the frogging.
Very liberating isn't it?

Katie said...

Oh I can totally see Willy Wonka in that, though it reminds me of Bird of Paradise flowers too.