Tuesday, October 03, 2006

second Socktoberfest pattern chosen...

Yep, no luck getting that perfect shade for the Embossed Leaves pattern as yet, so rather than waste valuable festival time, I have moved on to these:

Mosaic Socks

Aren't they special??! They are toe-up (new method for me) and utilise slip stichs to create the great mosaic look. They featured in Yarn Winter 2006

I am going to use the Heirloom Argyle I posted previously, in partnership with a pale grey, just for my aunt, Loris, who lives in cold, cold Ballarat, and will probably get use out of them all year round!! So, not only Socktoberfest, but also Christmas knitting - yay!


Rebecca said...

WOW! I can't wait to see those knit up! I've never heard of that magazine, is it Australian?

k*girl said...

Yes, it's an Australian Magazine called "Yarn" you can find them at www.yarnmagazine.com.au