Monday, November 06, 2006

hunting out the UFO's...

I was looking for more wool to start another Christmas gift today, and just happened to look in my UFO basket! To my shame, there are many (MANY!) things languishing there in disheveled random states of completeness!
So in an effort to clear the decks before I start anything new, I am making a solemn vow to work through as many as possible during November.
To that end, please indulge my appalling self-portrait photography and let me present the first FO from the basket - my Sunrise Circle Jacket (Kate Gilbert, Interweave Knits)

I used Cleckheaton Country Silk, 4.5mm circ's, and the temporary button is one from my Nana's button box* which she kindly left to me. I only want to fasten the jacket in one place, rather than four, as in the original pattern, so I've converted the button to a brooch.

*(oh the treasures - Nana had an obsession with mother-of-pearl buttons and used to scour op-shops wherever we went! Coincidently, her surname was "Button", too)


jacqui said...

Oh well done! That's a gorgeous knit that you can now wear - and don't we have the weather for it!

Linda said...

Nice jacket! Having just the one button makes it hang perfectly :-)

flim.flam said...

such a great shape
and beautiful yarn
it looks great on you

can't wait to see what else comes out of the basket!