Tuesday, November 14, 2006

pretty jewels

I'm always on the hunt for little treasures in op-shops, and today I hit jackpot!

My little local RSPCA shop had bagged up all their loose buttons, so pretty, I couldn't resist.

Hopefully these will find their way onto embellishments for gift knits. I love the idea of objects having a past life, and I like to imagine what these buttons may have been used for prior to them making their way into my hands?

Weekend knitting...

This Saturday just gone, Beloved had to go beachside to help a friend build a deck. I went down mid afternoon and naturally took my knitting! For 3 hours, I got to sit on the beach and knit, un-interrupted, and with the ocean as a soundtrack to my inner reflections - just divine!

* (before and after) *

I took a few "wool in the wild" photos, and started Mum's Christmas present, a Horseshoe lace stole. Bit hard to tell from it's unblocked state, but it's a really sweet lace, not too fussy or floral, which will suit my Mum.


On the UFO front, the Willy Wonka knee-hi socks (of Socktoberfest fame) are nearly finished! I've turned the heel on both socks, and now looking at the home straight! I am waiting to finish them before posting photos - they need to be represented in their full glory!

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Carson said...

Beachside knitting..that sounds pretty relaxing