Thursday, December 21, 2006

all wrapped up with pretty green bows


in order of completion,

(sort of!):

#1 BIL's GF's pair of facewashers

facewasher detail...

Not-quite-Alannah-Hill handbag, for my SIL

...the choc-meringue desert that was required to keep going on Christmas gift production line...

...not knitting, but my Niece's cherry book bag with sequin applique

my brothers' BYO bottle bag and socks - trust me, I've now finished them, but in my excitment, wrapped them before photographing! I will provide evidence of them on his feet!!!

...back detail of Beloved's coffepot cozy

...and front.

#2 BIL's GF's facewasher...

...and bath bag, with soap


(and the lining inside)

Babygirl looking (or trying to!) all Zen on her yoga mat with Nana's horseshoe lace stole.

Tree, assembled and decorated, without guidance or interference, totally by my girl! Her first go, and boy was she proud!

and, finally...all wrapped up with pretty green bows, under the tree.

Joy to you all, however (or whomever) you celebrate this at time of year.



Jo said...

Wow!!! You've managed to get so much done. Congratulations.

Carson said... really cranked it out!!
And that coffee cozy is truly wacky!
Good holidays to you too.

Rebecca said...


I just stumbled on your blog and wanted to say how much I looooved your almost Alanah Hill bag. I saw the original in Interweave Knits and didn't think to much of it. It's amazing what some imagination can achieve!

Julia said...

beautiful work! So festive.