Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome 2007!

Well, I hope everyone has made it through the hectic whirlwind that seems to have become Christmas and NYE?! What a very crazy time! Lots of family, friends and fun for us this year, and everyone seemed to love "Hand-made Christmas"! Thankfully our bush-fire evacuee also has a home to return to, and he was able to relax and enjoy the time with his family.

NYE came and went - we celebrated at the family beach house, which is starting to become a tradition. I love being able to arrive during the day, and know I am not going anywhere until it's all over, and it's a very kid-friendly environment. New Year's Day was spent scouring rockpools for starfish and toe-suckers, and body surfing - the oceans' energy being a great cure for the adults hangovers!

All over blogland seems to be posts on New Year's resolutions. As each year begins, I like to think about what I've achieved in the year just gone, and where I would like to focus my energies in the one just starting.


I am looking forward to some R&R and lots of knitting(!)

Hoping to add to our brood, and continue working towards our goals, both personal and communal.

Looking towards a lot less focus on paid work, to allow room for a lot more working for pleasure. Art seems to have slipped away this last year, and I'm going to work on setting aside time to bring it back.

I've joined Lolly's Project Spectrum this year. Starting in February with *Blue/White/Gray*, it will tie in nicely with my Phildar Swing Jacket, which is currently on the needles. Back is done, moving onto the sleeves now.

Beloved found the weblink I *subtly* emailed him, and surprised me with sock wool from Katie at Live2knit, in a delicious choc cherry colour way.

I now have two lots of her colourways waiting in the wings, ready to become lovely socks, because, people, this year I am going to attempt the previously almost impossible...maximum 3 WIP's at any given time!!!!!!!!! I am counting on others to pull me into line, because I know, like any addict, I am hopeless if left alone! Already (what, not even two weeks in?) I have had to stop myself casting on these skeins!

Currently on needles:

Phildar Swing Jacket - Heirloom 8ply Heatherwood, charcoal (pictured left)
Big Bad Baby Blanket (Stitch and Bitch - Debbie Stoller) - Patons Jet (edit:completed!)
Raspberry Bolero for Babygirl - Sirdar Luxury DK cotton

Stash wool status:

Out of control - not even going to attempt to justify!

My Mum was here a bit over Christmas helping out, and at one point made comment on the amount of wool in the giant basket in the living room, and how I could survive on that alone for the next year if necessary. I wordlessly led her to the spare bedroom and opened the double door built-in robe, revealing the floor to ceiling plastic tubs, and had a (internal) giggle as her face paled! She offered to help me catalogue it, god bless, then I showed her the roller tubs under my bed.

Mum made us a lot of dinners that week instead!


Katie said...

Happy New Year!
Sound like you've had a good start to the year.
Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

sue said...

I love your Phildar Swing Jacket, very nice, and the color is great too. The BBB blanket looks fantastic in that color. Nice knitting.