Saturday, December 16, 2006

how many sleeps, you say??

So it has only really just dawned on me that Christmas is but a week away! With a seven-and-a-half-year-old in the house, you would think I'd be right up there on the countdown, but no!

I have a bit of a panic going on about the lace-weight stole that I am only half way through, but am choosing to live in denial on that matter! (plus I went and bought a back-up present, just in case!)

Apart from that, all's good. Two very small projects left, couple of hours, max, on each. Feeling good.

Went into the MagNation knit-in, with Yarn on Thursday night after work - bit of a buzz! Lots of laughing, bit of knitting, some sushi and white wine in moderation (FYI, wine and lace knitting, not such a good combo - had to frog everything I knitted when I got home!) Met Barbara Coddington (editor) and Rosemary Prentice (Marketing) - what lovely women. So generous of their time, and enthusiastic about their craft and their product. I think great things will evolve around this home-grown mag.

oh, and I've just ordered the Autumn Phildar book, too, because I'm thinking of joining the Swing Jacket KAL, for the new year.

I just love the shape and design of the Phildar patterns, but have never knit from them. I'm hoping they are better translated than the Rebecca ones, which I have struggled with in the past. Katie assures me they are!

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Girl Kae said...

I have just received my Phildar mags as well - one of them being the one with the swing jacket. There are so many gorgeous items in there and I can't wait to knit them!