Monday, December 11, 2006

look what was in my letterbox...

Guess who's been playing on eBay??? I can't resist! Somehow I managed to type in "Vintage knitting patterns" and, hey presto!

I got 12 Patons booklets from one seller, who apparently has had to give up knitting.

Amongst them were jumpers, stockings, socks, gloves and more! Bit hard to see in the photos but the stockings have a faux seam down the back, and a diamond trellis down the front.

Hmmm, says Patons girl, which ones shall I wear today?

Can't wait to get stuck into them - come on gift-knitting, hurry up and get finished!


Carson said...

Gee I missed that one; vintage knitting patterns is one of my saved searches, glad you scooped it up,
looks fabulous.
I'm finding translating into modern sizing a wee challenge tho.
Have you seen the Vintage KAL?

k*girl said...

I have! Next year will be all about me, in the knitting department, so hopefully Vintage KAL will still be going. I did stumble across article about translating Vintage patterns (ie bullet bra and waist-cinching girdle) into a more modern shape, but didn't bookmark it! Anyone know of it's whereabouts???

k*girl said...

Found the article - its in the latest Knitty

Live 2 Knit said...

Those socks sound fantastic.
Here's to 2006 knitting!